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You’ve probably heard about the newly opened 402 Creamery. This 100% made-from-scratch ice cream shop has recently announced plans to open another location in South Lincoln. The company is also celebrating the expansion of its business by giving away free swag and offering $1 scoops of ice cream! If you want to check out the new location, head over to the brand’s Facebook page. The new location will have even more scoops of ice cream than its current one!

402 creamery is a completely-made-from-scratch ice cream shop

For anyone visiting Lincoln, Nebraska, it is hard to resist the ice cream shops. While Lincoln is known for its many excellent ice cream shops, the 402 Creamery has its own unique flair. The small parlor features a solid lineup of signature flavors, including Monster Cookie, Cinnamon Snickerdoodle, cherry swirls, graham cracker bits, and raspberry jalapeno ice cream with local beer. No matter what you pick, you’ll be pleased with the quality and rich flavor combinations offered by this small shop.

The location of 402 Creamery is a unique draw in this crowded neighborhood. It is situated near the Indigo Bridge Books & Cafe and occasionally opens its serving window into the alley. Gallery Alley is a lighted walkway between the Creamery and a local art gallery. Although it is a cash-only establishment, it is equipped with an ATM.

It’s expanding to a new location in South Lincoln

The local favorite, 402 Creamery, has expanded to a new location in South Lincoln. The Lincoln-based company, which already has a downtown location near Q and 8th streets, announced the expansion on Facebook. In celebration, the creamery is giving away free swag and $1 scoops of ice cream. They also have a special deal for South Lincoln residents. This is the perfect time to stop by for a treat!

Located in downtown Lincoln, the 402 Creamery offers a wide selection of ice cream favorites. The most popular treat is the Blizzard, but there are also other delicious options available, including sundaes, shakes, and ice cream cakes. The new South Lincoln location will be even more convenient, as it’s located near a South Park Street intersection.

It’s launching a limited edition ice cream flavor

Tasty, a website that publishes recipe videos, is partnering with Nestle to launch a limited-edition line of ice cream in the United States. The ice cream brand will debut two limited-edition flavors in February and will follow up with two more limited-edition flavor releases in the coming year.

Husker volleyball star Nicklin Hames teamed up with the company to create a special ice cream flavor to benefit the Hope Venture. The ice cream flavor is made with a 16 percent mix to make it rich and delicious. The Husker volleyball team was asked to help market the limited-edition flavor on social media and in person. The campaign has caught the attention of other Nebraska athletes and now other Husker teams want to collaborate on their own flavors.

The Cold Stone Gold Cone flavors are accompanied by a Cold Stone original Creation. The creation may include a pie, ice cream cake, or even a shake or smoothie. The OREO(r) Creme Filling flavor will be featured in the form of a cookie sandwich. The Double Stuf OREO(r) cookie sandwich is a delicious blend of ice cream and a large OREO(r) wafer. The Double Stuf OREO(r) cookie sandwich is available at Cold Stone locations nationwide, and will retail for $8.99.

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