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As an investor in mezcal spirits, you might be nervous about breaking into a new spirit that can be a minefield. Fortunately, there’s one brand you can trust: 512 Tequila. This pot-still Blanco is made from 100% estate-grown blue agave and is triple-distilled. This is a pot-still Blanco made by a small group of Austin entrepreneurs.

512 tequila is a pot-still blanco

The 512 Tequila brand uses estate grown blue agave and a triple distillation process. It is bottled at 40% ABV and has undergone a series of processes from charcoal filtration to oxygenation and proofing with volcanic water. The result is a smooth and velvety taste. While most mezcal spirits are made in column stills, This uses pot stills instead.

This agave-based tequila is more subtle than the blanco and has more alcohol heat. It is aged for nine months in barrels above a distillery, where the trees hang through the ceiling to regulate temperature and humidity. The resulting tequila is smooth and has a complex herbal flavor. This agave-based spirit is best enjoyed with ice.

The 512 Tequila is an excellent option for those looking for a pot-still blanco that is affordable yet solid. It is an excellent choice for tequila lovers who prefer the flavor of a solid tequila without having it filtered. While it is not a world-famous brand, this tequila is solid, smooth, and well-rounded.

It is made from 100% estate-grown blue agave

This is a premium tequila that uses 100% estate-grown blue agave to create its unique flavor. This 40% abv, unaged tequila uses the traditional processes of roasted agave in stone ovens and shredder/roller maceration. Then it undergoes triple distillation in stainless steel pot stills and filtration through charcoal for 24 hours. Then it’s blended with natural yeast that is harvested from the ovens.

512 Tequila is a triple-distilled tequila made from 100% estate-grown blue agava. This process produces a higher level of alcohol. The agave plant contains four different strains of yeast – CF1, CF2, and CF3. CF1 produces more ethanol than CG2 agaves. The differences between the strains may be due to agricultural practices.

512 Tequila is 100% estate-grown blue agave. Its smooth, velvety finish accentuates the subtle nuances of sweetness and spice and is excellent for sipping. The brand is produced in Jalisco, Mexico, at La Cofradia Distillery. Agave pinas are used in the distillation process. Then the distilled liquor undergoes a 24-hour process of filtration and oxygenation.

512 Tequila is a fine, smooth tequila crafted from 100% estate-grown blue agave. Its story is as interesting as the agave itself. Its creator, Scott Willis, was looking for a side job while raising money for a family. The tequila was created by combining his love for Austin and his desire to make it a top-rated tequila.

512 Tequila is a solid tequila, and at a great price. The taste is complex, but not overwhelming. Its herbal notes, floral and earthy tones, and spicy burn come through on the palate. The finish is medium to fast. If you like agave tequila and want to try a new brand,This is a great option.

This is a premium tequila made in the United States from 100% estate-grown agave. Known for its smooth, balanced flavor, it’s a premium choice for a cocktail. 512 Tequila is made from 100% estate-grown blue agave and is the first premium tequila distilled from 100% estate-grown agave.

It is unaged

This is made at La Cofradia Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, using local volcanic spring water and 100% estate-grown blue agave. After natural open air fermentation, this tequila is triple-distilled in copper-lined stainless-steel pot stills. It is then oxygenated and charcoal-filtered for 24 hours to achieve a velvety, smooth taste.

The tequila is so good that Scott Willis and his friends began bringing it to parties and gathering donations. In addition to his initial investment of $150,000, he was juggling his day job and raising three young children. At one point, Scott Willis had a goal to become a musician. But after moving to Austin, Texas, he ended up working in the Technology industry, promoting music artists and publishing.

Willis decided to create his own brand of tequila and wanted to make it as unique as possible, capturing the essence of the Austin lifestyle. He traveled to Guadalajara and Mexico to speak with distillers. Using translators, he landed on La Cofradia distillery, which had a solid reputation for producing a variety of brands. While Willis was searching, he discovered a third distillation that helped the 512 brand stand out from the crowd.

Extra anejo tequila is a recent development. It is a type of aged tequila, which is bottled within the same region as the agave. The aging process creates a complex, rich flavour that is comparable to that of a fine French cognac. The unaged tequila is usually flavoured with natural ingredients, such as agave, fruit, or even herbs.

It is triple-distilled

This Austin, Texas,-based tequila has been on the market for two years and is made at a distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. The agaves are roasted in stone ovens to produce an extra-smooth drink. The distillate is then oxygenated and 24-hour-filtered to ensure its smoothness and purity. This is triple-distilled, making it perfect for cocktails and sipping with friends.

The premium tequila is based on 100-percent lekholong agave. The agave used is a type of hammoho, entsoeng, and blanco, which are all distilled to create the beverage. The resulting liquor has a smooth finish and is ideal for mixing. Its triple-distilled process makes it one of the finest tequilas in the world.

512 Tequila is triple-distilled, a process that takes more time than most other types of tequila. The company also uses copper pot stills instead of column stills, which produce higher-proof spirits with less flavor. The tequila is then triple-filtered and filtered for 24 hours, resulting in an elegant, smooth taste and a long finish. Its unique, authentic flavors and unique blend make it the preferred tequila for many drinks.

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