If you’re thinking of buying a gun from Academy Sports + Outdoors, you need to be aware of the store’s policies. The store’s return policy is a bit unusual, so we’ve decided to discuss it here. Sadly, the store no longer carries Sig Sauer rifles, BB guns, or anything that looks like an AR-15. You can also check the academy sports + outdoor’s online gun store for more information.

BB guns, Airsoft guns, and anything that looks like the AR-15 are being removed from the store

The Academy Sports and Outdoors store has taken the controversial step of removing all AR-15 rifles and replicas from its shelves. According to a statement on its website, the store has “removed the AR-15 rifles and replicas from its store,” but this does not mean it will stop selling those guns. It will continue to sell airsoft guns, BB guns, and other types of ammunition.

There are no specific plans to remove all firearms from the store, but consumers can take advantage of the current Academy Sports + Outdoors coupons. These coupons are valid until 5/15/2022. Academy Sports + Outdoors gift cards are available online or in stores. They can also be purchased in bulk. But customers should remember that they can’t sue the company for purchasing a gun that looks like an AR-15.

The removal of the firearms from the academy sports store is in line with Canada’s new laws regarding the ownership of firearms. Under the laws, only legal citizens of the country can possess military weapons. However, if a non-resident of the country is under the age of eighteen, they cannot transfer a firearm to an adult.

Sig Sauer stocking dealer in academy sports + outdoors

The Pro Shop at SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, NH has everything students need to get the most out of their training. In addition to SIG SAUER rifles and pistols, the Pro Shop is well-stocked with other top industry products. In addition to offering everything students need for training, the Pro Shop also features free seminars, magazines, and a dedicated staff. Whether you’re looking for a new firearm or a new tactical flashlight, the Academy Sports + Outdoors Pro Shop is your best source for quality hunting gear.

Return policy on firearms at academy sports + outdoors

The return policy for firearms at Academy Sports + Outdoors is very generous. The return period for firearms is thirty days, but it differs by vendor, supplier, or government entity. For example, in order to exchange a rifle, the buyer must contact the manufacturer for a replacement. If you receive a firearm with a manufacturer defect or other problem, you must return it to the original seller within thirty days.

The return policy for guns and other sporting goods at Academy Sports + Outdoors is fairly simple. You must have a valid receipt when you return an item. You can return most firearms, including semiautomatic models. Returned sporting goods are only accepted if they are in original condition. Returned guns are not accepted for exchange if they are unloaded and have been damaged beyond repair. Otherwise, the manufacturer will replace the firearm and pay for the return shipping.

A valid government-issued photo ID is required to purchase a gun from Academy Sports + Outdoors. You must also show additional documents from your municipality if you are planning to own a firearm. Non-black powder firearms must be shipped to a store. Otherwise, customers can select a pickup location during the checkout process. This way, they can get their firearms without worrying about the delivery.

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