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The Acer Predator G9-793 is a large notebook with a huge case. It also features a good cooling system. We’re impressed by its performance and recommend it if you’re looking for a big notebook. However, it’s not without its drawbacks.

The Acer Predator’s SoundPound 4.2 sound system combines four speakers with two subwoofers. It isn’t a replacement for a dedicated sound system, but it does provide good audio. It’s also able to drown out the sound of the cooling fans. Despite the Predator’s high performance, some users may find the case’s build quality to be questionable.

The Acer Predator G9-793’s keyboard has a rubberized surface. It also has a red frame for the NumPad and arrow keys. Both the keyboard and the trackpad have RGB backlighting. You can adjust the brightness of the keyboard and the trackpad with the included PredatorSense software.


The Predator G series extends aggressive design, speed, and advanced performance to all areas of entertainment. The Predator G series is a powerful platform for gamers and creative professionals. These machines are designed for fast, demanding performance and are the backbone of any modern home theater.

The new Acer Predator 17 G9-793 builds on the strengths of previous Predators by adding Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics, GSync support, and a Thunderbolt 3 port. This is a solid mid-range gaming laptop, though it is not up to par with some of its competitors.

The Predator comes with two fans, which are nearly inaudible in quiet environments, but ramp up periodically. The dust-filtering DustBuster system stops the fans occasionally to push dust out, causing a distinct rattling. In daily use, the case temperatures remain solid.

While the Acer Predator 17 isn’t lightweight or portable, it does have the advantages of speed, VR compatibility, and a long battery life. It also comes with a two-year limited warranty, and Acer’s dedicated Predator support line.


The Acer predator G9-793 gaming laptop is the latest addition to the company’s high-end 17-inch gaming line. It boasts a powerful Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, and a 17-inch Full HD display with 178-degree viewing angles. In addition to these features, the predator G9-793 has an attractive price tag, at $1900.

In terms of graphics performance, the Acer Predator G9-793 trails the Asus G752VS by around 16 percent, despite having a faster CPU and higher-clocked GPU. However, gamers will notice a difference in 4K gaming because it can support the higher resolution, but must lower the details in order to get 60 frames per second.

When it comes to connectivity, the Acer predator G9-793 has a USB 3.1 Type C port that supports faster data transfer. The port is also more flexible, allowing users to use it in any orientation. However, it lacks Bluetooth 4.2, which allows for long-range wireless connections. In terms of overall performance, the Acer predator G9-793 has little in common with the MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro and the Dell Inspiron 7000 Series Gaming Laptops.


The Acer Predator G9-793 is a gaming laptop with an elegant aluminum chassis. It sports red accents, dual cooling fans, an RGB keyboard, and a 144Hz refresh rate. It also has Nvidia G-Sync features for smooth gaming.

The Touchpad on the Acer Predator G9-793 is responsive and easy to use. The buttons are well highlighted and easy to press. It also features a sponge-like surface for multi-touch input. Its left and right click buttons are separate, and the left one is bumpy for tactile feedback.

The Predator G9-793 features a second GPU that is more efficient than the primary one. It also has four speakers for immersive surround sound. This allows gamers to pinpoint the source of sound when playing a game. One notable drawback is the lack of an SD card reader.


The Acer Predator 17 is one of the most anticipated gaming laptops of the year. The bulky, heavy laptop has a distinctive look with red accents and LEDs. It’s also faster and cooler under load than its predecessor, and has room for overclocking the graphics. For gamers who don’t care about portability, the Acer Predator 17 is a worthy option.

While the Predator G9-793 doesn’t come with a sleek, portable design, it’s still a great value for the money. It doesn’t come with a lot of fancy accents, but it’s still more than adequate for general office work. Its size and weight are not ideal for anyone who needs portability or a wired connection.

Although the Acer Predator 17 G9-793 has improved hardware, it still has some flaws. The Predator 17 G9-791 had a limited accessibility of its hardware, but the Predator G9-793 fixed that and increased Turbo usage. The newest version also improved the noise level and reduced the amount of dust. It still didn’t offer a wide range of ports, but it is still a powerful 17-inch gaming laptop.


The Predator G series extends advanced performance, speed, and aggressive design to your entertainment. Whether you’re playing games or watching movies, the Predator G series can power everything you do. With a full HD display, you’ll enjoy clear, vibrant images.

The Predator G9-793’s screen features Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics and is equipped with GSync support. The screen can display up to 262,144 colors. It also supports 4K gaming, though you’ll have to turn down the details to maintain 60 fps.

A privacy screen protector is an excellent solution for limiting the amount of blue light emitted from a laptop’s screen. It’s specially designed to fit your laptop model, and uses silicone-based adhesive to keep it securely in place. Once installed, it will stay in place for the life of your device. This screen protector includes a kit that makes application easy.

Intel Core i7

The Acer Predator 17 G9-793-79V5 is an excellent gaming laptop that features a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost Technology, which can boost the processor’s speed to 3.8GHz. The laptop features a 17.3-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) display. This high-performance laptop is suitable for multitasking, and has a very low power consumption.

The Acer Predator 17 G9-793 improves on its predecessor in several areas, including its performance and price. Compared to the G9-791, the G9-793 has a more powerful processor, with a faster Turbo speed and lower noise. However, the GPU still struggles under heavy loads, and access to its hardware is limited.

The Acer Predator 17 performed well in our benchmark tests, and compares favourably to other GTX 1070-equipped notebooks. In Far Cry Primal, it trails the Asus G752VS by 16 percent. However, the difference isn’t so big if you play games at 4K resolution, where the graphics card is more critical.

Nvidia 980M graphics

The Nvidia 980M graphics on the Acer predator g9-793 provide an immense boost in graphics performance. The graphics chip is capable of operating at temperatures of 78 degrees Celsius. This is a great feature for gamers. The laptop also supports ac-s Wi-Fi. It also comes with 32GB of RAM.

While the Acer predator g9-793 has a high-end GPU, it isn’t perfect. When used under extremely high loads, the GPU could get overheated and crash. Fortunately, the battery on this laptop is made of Grade A battery cells and meets international safety standards. It’s also rechargeable up to 600 times.

The GPU and CPU temperatures are higher than normal and this is possibly due to the pre-production status of the graphics. In addition, the motor never turns on, so the unit may run hotter than usual. The cooling system is also less powerful than competitors’. Acer has improved cooling systems for its laptops. The Predator g9-793 is no exception.

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