The Ageless Mens Health is the nation’s largest provider of testosterone replacement therapy. The clinic offers over 130 active patients and charges about $1,000 a month. Most men’s health services offer testosterone and other nutritional supplements. However, Mitias uses the more potent testosterone, which can have negative side effects. Ageless Mens Health has a reputation for providing results. But there are many pros and cons to this treatment.

Ageless Men’s Health is the largest and most popular testosterone-replacement therapy provider in the nation

With 36 locations nationwide, Ageless provides testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to men. While many low-T clinics advertise testosterone, the reality is much more complex. Low-T may be a symptom of a broader medical issue, such as sleep apnea, depression, or heart disease. Men in their forties and fifties are at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks.

Although testosterone-replacement therapy isn’t a “fountain of youth” for older men, it may help fight the symptoms of low T. The Ageless Men’s Health clinic in Dallas has studied the science behind the therapy and developed leading solutions for men suffering from low T. Most insurance plans cover the cost of testosterone therapy. Men who receive injections report increased sex drive, improved mood, and enhanced stamina.

Ageless Men’s Health, LLC has been accused of fraudulently billing Medicare for medically unnecessary male hormone therapy services. The company will pay $1.6 million to settle allegations that it billed Medicare for patients who didn’t meet eligibility requirements. The lawsuit was brought by two former employees. The company operates 22 testosterone replacement clinics throughout the United States, including Long Beach, CA.

It has 130 active patients

The ageless mens health clinics in Tennessee have seen their share of bad press. The company was recently targeted by the Department of Health and Human Services for fraudulently billing Medicare for medically unnecessary male hormone therapy. But the company has a solid science base to support its claims. Its 130 active patients are the result of hard work and dedication. In addition to the lack of advertising, the clinics also offer the privacy of anonymous submissions.

The clinics at Ageless provide testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to men at over 36 clinics across the country, including three locations in New York. But the clinics failed to inform their patients of evidence-based medicine and potential side effects. They also failed to inform their patients about possible fertility-related side effects. The website also featured a deceptive “Low T” quiz that misled patients about their diagnosis of low testosterone.

It costs $1,000 a month

The first treatment is called “Testosterone infusion.” The injected testosterone is highly-potent. The testosterone is used to replace a small amount of natural male hormone in a man’s body. The treatment can cost $1,000 a month. Some doctors who practice urology are turning to the cash business in order to pay their bills. Some are turning to cosmetic lasers and other treatments to generate extra cash.

The company Ageless Men’s Health has been charged a total of $1.6 million in Medicare and Tricare reimbursements. The government reimburses medical providers only for services that are medically necessary, and Ageless Men’s Health billed Medicare for visits that were not necessary. It’s estimated that as many as a tenth of its patients are covered by Medicare, the company is making about $700,000 a year by defrauding the government. However, these figures are not final. The company maintains that they offer a free evaluation to patients.

It is strictly testosterone

A recent investigation found that Ageless Therapeutics was billing Medicare for medically unnecessary office visits for men taking testosterone shots. The federal government, FBI and Department of Defense Criminal Investigative Service investigated the matter. In a lawsuit filed under the False Claims Act, Mitias and two other physicians are suing the company for defrauding Medicare. These plaintiffs are entitled to share in the recovery.

A Tennessee-based company called Ageless Men’s Health has been accused of fraudulently billing Medicare and Tricare for unnecessary office visits, testosterone replacement therapy shots and evaluations. As a result of these accusations, the company agreed to pay $1.6 million to settle the allegations. The company operates over 30 clinics in the United States. Medicare and Tricare reimburse only for medically necessary procedures. This case is not the first one involving Ageless Men’s Health.

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