You may be looking for a way to follow Boris Reitschuster on Twitter. The German journalist was the head of the German news office in Moscow, and has a few books about present-day Russia. The main purpose of his account is to share his views and insights on current events. But before you follow him, you should first understand his background. What makes him an interesting figure? And what makes him interesting to follow?

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The topic of the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof attack has been a frequent topic of the journalists’ Twitter feed. Currently, a man from Eritrea has been accused of killing an 8-year-old boy and his mother at the Hauptbahnhof train station. In a series of tweets, Reitschuster tries to shed some light on this topic and to show the humanity in all of us. Unlike traditional media, Twitter allows anyone to join. Users can post messages using hashtags, which help them find other people talking about the same subject. Those tweets are mostly original, and there are very few quotes and Zitate Tweets.

As an avid tweeter, Reitschuster has made his Twitter presence known by commenting on German-Russian affairs. He has since started a Telegram channel and continues to post news, views and opinions about this topic on his Twitter page. The German journalist is also active on Telegram, gaining subscribers. He also maintains a Facebook page. His tweets are often political and are well-received by the Russian public.

In response to one tweeter, Reitschuster

In response to one tweeter, Reitschuster responded to the question, “Can I write a column for the deutscher parlament?” Reitschuster claims to be a free journalist. In the meantime, Reitschuster’s attorney has filed an objection to his exclusion. In addition, some members of the Bundespressekonferenz have complained about the instrumentalization of the BPK and misuse of press conferences. Furthermore, Reitschuster has been accused of repeatedly polemicizing against the Pandemie-Massnahmen of the German government.

Reitschuster was born on May 12, 1971 in Augsburg. He has since joined the German parliament. His Twitter followers number around 128123 and 88 likes. He has posted 26844 tweets. Reitschuster has had the courage to stand up to the Twitter community and speak his mind, and many people have been moved by his words. He has an impressive Twitter feed and is certainly worth following.

Apart from his Twitter account, Reitschuster runs a blog and a YouTube-channel. The blog and YouTube channel are both classified as right-wing by multiple media. The blog, however, uses terms from alternative media. Reitschuster has written articles for various publications about Russia. It is unclear if he is still active or has abandoned his journalism. However, Reitschuster continues to publish tweets.

boris reitschuster’s Instagram

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In the “Reitschuster XXI” video, the two stars posed with each other in the caption “Schon x Boris” – a heart emoji. While some followers find the photo “schon”, others say it’s just not a good picture. The caption explains this. Regardless, fans love the videos and the content. You can easily find out more about Boris Reitschuster through his channel.

boris reitschuster’s blog

As a matter of fact, Reitschuster’s blog is considered one of the biggest sources of disinformation in Germany. While the blog was banned in Germany, Reitschuster has since changed his location to Herceg Novi in West Montenegro. This is in line with the fact that the Bundespressekonferenz can only abide by German journalists. This decision has caused a lot of confusion and has led to a petition against the ban.

The author of the blog, Boris Reitschuster, was a correspondent for Focus in Moskau and has written several books about Russia. After he left Focus, he started blogging about the Corona-Massacre and built a large following in the queerdenker-scene. His criticism of the German government started after the Corona Pandemic. It is not clear if the censorship was related to the fact that he was a gay man and that he has been excluded from the Bundespressekonferenz for other reasons.

Reitschuster’s blog drew attention

Reitschuster’s blog drew attention and criticism from both the mainstream media and politicians alike. He remarked on his own blog about the media’s “double standard” approach to the political landscape. As a result, he was recently excluded from the BPK. BPK has statutes stating that members must report on federal politics full-time from either Berlin or Bonn. Reitschuster moved to Montenegro in order to avoid this requirement.

In Germany, Reitschuster is not a member of the Bundespressekonferenz, but still attends press conferences with ministers, but has no question rights. While the Bundespressekonferenz does not officially represent journalists, it does serve the interests of reporters. As an example, the BPK is an organization of parliamentskorrespondents. It was established after the Second World War and has over 900 members.

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