The restaurant is located at Barrio Chino, buffet chino popular tourist spot that’s home to a variety of Chinese cuisine. Food experts have noted that the laing served at the restaurant is incredibly delicious. The service is also said to be cool, with the staff being well-trained. Customers are satisfied with the prices and service, which is reflected in the 4.1 Google rating it’s received. This establishment is not the only one with good reviews on Google, though.

Royal Buffet

If you’re craving Chinese food, you can’t go wrong with the Royal Buffet Chino. The selection of foods is incredible and the service is great. If you’re in the mood for a large meal, I recommend checking out this place once a month. The prices are reasonable, too. Located at 526 N Route 73, this restaurant serves Chinese and Japanese cuisine. A great place for families to eat together, this buffet has a lot to offer.

China E Buffet

If you’re craving authentic Chinese cuisine, you might want to consider dining at China E Buffet in Round Rock. The restaurant is popular for its great service and friendly staff. In addition to great food, the restaurant has a comfortable atmosphere and affordable prices. Read on to learn more about this local dining destination. After you’ve tried its cuisine, you’ll want to go back. Its new owners are eager to give it a try.

Chinese culture is rich with buffets. This kind of dining experience will bring communities and families together over a buffet. It can also spark conversation. In addition to the food, you’ll find that Chinese people have a strong sense of sharing. Guests can choose whatever they want as long as they share. This may make you think that the Chinese are greedy, but it’s actually their culture to share. Therefore, if you’re planning to dine at a buffet in Taiwan, don’t be shy.

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