A visit to Bureau en Gros is an excellent idea if you need a variety of office supplies and equipment. In addition to the usual staples, you can also find all kinds of work solutions at their store. Among other things, you can choose from the countless styles of file cabinets, computer stands, and other storage solutions. These supplies and equipment are available at competitive prices. Read on to find out more. Below are some of the products that you can find at Bureau en Gros.

Staples Canada Inc.

Staples Canada Inc. is a Canadian office supply retail chain. It is owned by Sycamore Partners and is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The company is one of the largest in Canada. It offers a wide range of products and services to businesses, including furniture, software, and printers. However, despite its size, it remains a highly competitive business. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should use Staples Canada as your office supply supplier.

A company that is synonymous with office supplies and printer paper in Canada, Staples is one of the biggest companies in the country. In 2018, the company was acquired by private equity. The company’s mission was to “Work, Learn, Grow,” which laid the foundation for a successful digital transformation. To achieve this, Staples Canada has an aggressive roadmap and relentless focus on the needs of the distinct Canadian consumer.

Dedicated to the success of Canadian businesses, Staples offers exclusive partnerships with Purolator, FedEx, Xpresspost, and Thinking Capital. In addition to offering an expansive range of products and services, Staples also offers professional technical support services to help customers with anything from printer maintenance to virus removal. With the help of Staples Account Managers, customers can address issues and gain assistance. Customers can take advantage of Staples Business Loans powered by Thinking Capital.

A new advertising campaign for Staples Canada

A new advertising campaign for Staples Canada, a leading office supply retailer, focuses on the future of the office and business. It uses a popular Christmas song by Andy Williams, set to a jazzy soundtrack. The ad campaign includes radio and television commercials as well as in-store signage. The campaign further reinforces the role of Staples as Canada’s back-to-school experts.

Another new initiative from Staples Canada is an innovative new retail concept called Bureau en Gros. The first of its new concept stores opened in Kirkland, Quebec, and will be followed by a co-working space called Staples Studio in downtown Toronto in early January. While Staples Canada is known for office supplies and printing devices, its new mission statement is to be a Working and Learning Company.

The digital transformation of Staples Canada

The digital transformation of Staples Canada has been a tremendous success. It also enabled the company to roll out a new concept in retail: curbside pickup. This feature was tested during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons to ensure that it was as effective as possible. It has now become one of the most popular online stores.

While implementing this digital transformation, the Canadian company also expanded its business operations by acquiring two businesses. The company acquired Denis Office Supplies and Furniture and Supreme Basics, a business-to-business company. These two companies serve business customers in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. Both companies offer a diverse range of office and educational products. Bold’s tech stack enables Staples Canada to solve complex challenges and create commerce-enabled experiences for customers. Its modular architecture and integration capabilities will allow the company to rapidly adapt to the latest technologies.

Staples Canada Inc.’s private-label brand

The Canadian office supply retail chain is a division of Staples. Founded in 1913, Staples is a significant investor in Business Depot. In 1993, Staples opened its first store in Brighton, Massachusetts, and two years later expanded to Atlantic Canada and Quebec with the launch of Bureau en Gros. In 1994, Staples acquired 100% of the Canadian company, and in 1995 began to open Staples stores in Western Canada and other parts of Quebec.

The new concept stores have been designed to appeal to both customers and business professionals. The spaces are modern and spacious, with clear sightlines to encourage interaction. They feature product solutions aimed at different work environments. Visitors are encouraged to participate in discovery areas and interact with product demonstrations. New store interiors and brand identity have been unveiled, as well as expanded services in Solutionshop, Staples Canada’s online retailing business.

The new campaign is centered on customer

The new campaign is centered on customer curiosity and demonstrates the brand’s readiness to meet customers’ needs. Staples Canada’s marketing strategy includes digital, email, and e-commerce channels, and a multi-platform 15-second spot featuring Howie Mandel and Pierre-Yves Lord. The campaign aims to inspire customers to follow their curiosity and partner with Staples Canada.

The new commercials are being produced by Jackman Reinvents, a world-leading reinvention agency. The campaign features Pierre-Yves (P.Y.) Lord and Howie Mandel, a doppelganger of the customer. The campaign highlights the brand’s omnichannel approach to integrated communications and coincides with the announcement of Rachel Abrams as Group Creative Director.

The redesigned logo is the first element of a comprehensive brand overhaul. In addition, the retailer’s website now features an interactive digital experience that connects business customers through an interactive digital experience. This interactive experience includes intelligent content, peer recommendations, and intuitive shopping tools. It has also incorporated a hashtag to encourage the community to share ideas and products. A brand overhaul is not complete without a new logo, slogan, or social media pages.

Staples Canada’s Kirkland store

The bureau en gros concept is not new. Office equipment has been around for a long time, but technology has made it easier to do the same job with more efficiency. From typewriters to computers, files to data, and internet access to affordable, convenient storage, office equipment has advanced significantly. As new technologies emerge, Staples Canada is ready to keep up. The company has been in the office supply business for almost 30 years, and has adapted to the needs of its customers.

The company is now expanding its business beyond office supplies, by opening co-working spaces. In Quebec, the company is known as Bureau en Gros. Its first new concept store will open in Kirkland, Quebec, in January. It will also introduce a co-working space at its new downtown Toronto store, which will debut in early January.

As the second-largest tech re-seller in Canada

While we can’t guarantee you’ll find a suitable position, we encourage you to apply! The bureau en gros experience is the perfect place to get inspired to learn new skills. In addition to offering the highest-quality office products and supplies, the Kirkland store offers convenient meeting and conference facilities.

The new format is designed for students, small businesses, and community organizations. The interior is divided into zones, with clear sightlines. It also features product demonstration zones and a dedicated space for entrepreneurs and consumers. Staples has added over 1,000 SKUs to the Kirkland store. A new brand identity and logo are now promoting a collaborative, creative environment. The new logo reflects this collaboration between customers and associates.

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