If you’re looking for a party spot in downtown Indianapolis, try Clubhouse2050. It features 3 separate atmospheres, including a Sports Bar, Nightclub, and Card Club. The Clubhouse2050 offers free activities every night, including chess, backgammon, dancing, and poker. Members enjoy one drink and one appetizer free of charge with the cover charge of $5. For the rest of the evening, clubbers can enjoy their own drinks and dance. Clubhouse 2050 in Indianapolis, IN

Clubhouse 2050 in downtown Indianapolis

The most coveted members only club in Indiana is accepting membership applications. Membership is required to attend events held on-premise at the Clubhouse, as well as online. In addition to the on-premise events, members can attend virtual parties with 20 other clubs in three countries. Members can interact with other club members through live video and chat. Members are encouraged to visit the Clubhouse to learn more about membership. Clubhouse 2050 is located at the heart of downtown Indianapolis.

Membership required to attend parties

In February of this year, Clubhouse had raised more than $100 million in venture capital and almost ten million users, but its audience is still quite small compared to other platforms, such as Twitter and TikTok. Its success has been attributed to several factors, including surprise appearances by Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, who both signed up for the service. The social network also came under fire when the Chinese government blocked the platform after mainland Chinese users complained about censorship and the internment of Xinjiang citizens.

First, users have to download the app and register as members. They must also enter their email address, photo, username, and password. Then, they can add contacts to Clubhouse and follow them. When they have enough contacts, they can invite them to join the app. However, they can only invite their friends. After registration, they can customize their recommendations for content, suggested users, and contacts. Clubhouse users can even link their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their accounts to gain access to more parties.

Clubhouse’s popularity

Clubhouse’s popularity may also be due to its exclusivity. While the app has attracted millions of users, it was limited to iPhone users in the beta test and was open to the Android community on July 21. Some users have said the semi-exclusive nature of Clubhouse increased its allure. However, the company claims that it is working on improving its moderation tools to prevent abuse. Users also can’t report potential violations unless they provide their email address.

Users can also join regular talk shows hosted by Silicon Valley founders Rohit Seth and Paul Davidson. Popular talk shows include One On One With A & Z and The Good Time Show, hosted by a Facebook director and her husband, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz. The Clubhouse has its own events, which include a curated list of parties hosted by top tech companies. But for those who are more interested in building a social network, Clubhouse may be the way to go.

Events held there

Clubhouse 2050 is a premier venue for social events, such as birthday parties and other social gatherings. This Chico, CA location features three different atmospheres, including a nightclub, a sports bar, and a card club. Each night, free activities are held for members to enjoy, such as backgammon, chess, and dancing. For those who would rather attend the main event, a $5 cover charge is required for entry.


There are several reasons to visit the Clubhouse 2050 location in Indianapolis, IN. Besides its great atmosphere, it offers many different entertainment options. The 12,000 square foot house party room is separated into three areas: a nightclub, a sports bar, and a card club. Members enjoy free activities like poker, backgammon, dancing, and socializing. The cover charge is just $5 and that includes a drink.

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