Inspired by European and Scandinavian children’s brands, Coco Village has set out to make major design trends more affordable for the average consumer. The founders of the brand identified top experts in each category worldwide, and source both raw materials and manufacturers globally. Each of Coco Village’s products is designed and handcrafted by category experts in their respective countries. Read on for more information. Also, check out the brand’s ambitious global expansion plans. We have compiled this list to help you make a smart purchase.

House Baby Crib in Natural Wood

The house baby crib by Coco Village is an all-wood crib with the sweetest minimal look. The brand is known for its dedication to making the safest baby furniture possible, and the House Baby Crib is no exception. Made with premium pine wood, it meets the highest standards for safety and quality. If you already have a beautiful interior design, this crib will go beautifully with it. Its ASTM safety standards mean that it will meet the needs of your little one for many years to come.

This eco-friendly crib is made of 100% natural wood, and comes in a variety of colour schemes. Your child’s growth depends on an endless number of factors, including their own personal histories and their environment. Their pace of development will differ from yours, so be patient and trust that your little one will let you know when it’s time to make the transition. Alternatively, you can choose from one of the many popular wooden baby cribs.

Wooden Laptop Toy

The Coco Village Wooden Laptop Toy will be the perfect toy for pretend play. Children learn through imitation and this toy is a great way to get your child engaged in pretend play. There are many things your child can do with this toy, including pretending to be an adult and using the laptop. But be sure that you purchase a toy that is made of good quality wood so that your child will get the most enjoyment out of it.

Standard Rooms

The Coco Village offers 1 king or queen-sized bed in the Standard Rooms. Standard rooms are equipped with AC, cable TV, a telephone, a ceiling fan, and a refrigerator. Rooms are split over two floors and have balconies. Guests can sleep up to two people with existing bedding. Rollaway beds are not permitted. Prices start at $164. No pets are allowed at the Coco Village. The Coco Village accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Featuring views of the pool and garden, CoCo Village Phu Quoc Resort & Spa provides free WiFi throughout the property. In-room amenities include free bottled water and room service. Guests can enjoy the daily breakfast and complimentary WiFi throughout the property. The Coco Village is just 7 minutes’ walk from Ong Lang Beach. Other features of this property include concierge services, free WiFi, free breakfast, and daily housekeeping.

Ambition to take brand global

A farmer in Cote d’Ivoire shares his story. Amaduou Ouattara, 52, is a father of eleven and the lead farmer of the ECAM cooperative of more than 900 farmers, led by Madame Fanny Assata Doumbia. He tells us his perspective on farming in the Cocoa Life program and his dream of taking it global. Throughout his experience as a farmer, Amaduu has seen many changes – from economic development to the environment.

Today, he is working to make his brand more sustainable and resilient to climate change, which will help him achieve his ambitious 2020 goals for Mondelez International. These include a 15% cut in carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing and an ambitious end-to-end carbon footprint reduction strategy. The Cocoa Life program is a key component of his company’s ambitious goal to take the coco village brand global. The company is committed to helping farmers improve their practices, including by using new technology and reducing the impact of deforestation.

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