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Dealers Electrical Supply has branch locations in Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. Besides the main warehouses in the United States, the company also operates branches in Canada and Mexico. If you are looking for electrical supply and wiring solutions, dealers electrical supply is a good option. Their online website allows you to buy all of your electrical supplies and wiring supplies from a single source. Alternatively, you can call their customer service representatives for a quote.


Read Employee Reviews to see how long people have worked at Dealers Electrical Supply and how they rate the company. Reviews provide information on compensation, working conditions, and more. You’ll also get the scoop on interview skills and company culture. Even if you’re not interested in working at Dealers Electrical Supply, you can still find out what people have to say about the company. Here’s how you can get in touch with them.

Employees of Dealers Electrical Supply are a diverse group. Only 23% of employees are women, while 77% of employees are men. The company’s employees represent a wide range of ethnicities, with the majority being Black or African American. The average tenure for employees is 4.6 years, with an average salary of $44,080 per year. Employees also work in customer service, retail lighting, and other departments. Overall, the company’s employees are highly educated, and many have degrees.


Dealers Electrical Supply is an employee-owned and privately held company that sells and distributes electrical supplies to the construction industry. Their locations span Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. Several branches are also available in Colorado and other states. Each dealership has a knowledgeable and courteous sales representative who can answer any questions you may have. The company’s staff is trained to help you choose the right products and services for your construction project.

Annual salary

The average annual salary for a Dealer’s Electrical Supply employee is $282,466 in the United States. Salary levels vary based on location, skills, education, and experience. Salaries can be higher or lower depending on the position and company, as well as the level of education and experience. Salary information is provided by Zippia, a company that offers job-related data. This information is based on employee self-reports and data from other publicly available sources.

For employees who want to improve their salary potential, they should search for reviews of Dealer’s Electrical Supply. Job descriptions can often provide valuable insight into the working conditions, compensation, and interviewing skills of this company. Employee reviews can also highlight negative aspects of the company, such as turnover rates. Read reviews of companies before applying for a position. The salaries and benefits may vary by location, but there are many opportunities for advancement.


Salaries for Dealers in Electrical Supply are based on location and job description. Salary ranges from $248,312 to $320,972. Salaries for employees at Dealers Electrical Supply can be higher or lower depending on experience and education. Bonuses are available to employees with exceptional performance. The company headquarters are located in WACO, Texas. If you are considering a career in this field, consider applying for a position as a lighting and electrical engineer.

A bonus plan is a way to entice customers to sign up for an additional service or product. Bonuses should complement the main plan, as well as provide continued value. Bonuses may also require proactive consumers, such as smart meters. The main aim is to make customers feel confident that they are receiving a quality service and are willing to make an ongoing commitment. Bonus offers can include a sign-up incentive that provides a one-time reward, a loyalty program that rewards customers who are proactive and sign up for an additional service, and free electricity.

Type of plan

There are a few different plans available to the electrical supply industry. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan is one such plan, and it creates individual accounts for each participant. A Profit-Sharing Plan is another option. In addition, there is the Defined Contribution Plan. Both of these plans provide similar benefits and have the same objectives. However, they differ in their types and limitations. This article will discuss the main differences between these two plans.

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