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Ethan’s parents hire Sarah as a babysitter. But soon Ethan notices that Sarah does not look like she is in a mirror and becomes suspicious. Soon he and his friend Benny discover that Sarah is actually a vampire, and she feeds on human blood. Ethan and Sarah have to work together to save their home from evil vampire Jesse. My Babysitter’s a Vampire

Benny Weir is a vampire

Benny Weir is Ethan Morgan’s goofy and loud best friend. He often gets himself in trouble with his antics. Benny is a sophomore at Whitechapel High. Benny is fascinated by the sex of Ethan and is determined to make him feel accepted and wanted.

Ethan Morgan is a geeky sci-fi loving 15-year-old. He’s been living with his werewolf babysitter, Benny, since he was wolfed out. Benny is concerned about Ethan’s poor health, but he loves him. However, Ethan suffers from a shocking illness. When the cure for the illness is discovered, Ethan chooses death.

David’s father, Jesse, and Erica disapprove of the vampires’ presence in the Whitechapel. They also disagree with Dracula’s cult. They try to get rid of all vampires, but Stern thwarts their efforts. Ethan then fights Jesse for the Lucifactor.

Rory Keaner is Benny and Ethan’s vampire friend. He is geeky, dimwitted, and funny. He’s also a follower and has a crush on Erica. He’s also a vampire hunter and hunts vampires.

The video game “The Sims” is one of his favorite activities. He’ll spend hours in the game. The two of them are able to bond over their love for video games. They even play with each other to get the perfect score.

Ethan is a Seer

A Seer is a supernatural being who has psychic abilities. It allows them to have visions and learn about the world of the supernatural. Their powers are developed over time and manifest themselves around puberty. They also seem to possess telepathic abilities and can see ghosts.

Rory Keaner is Ethan and Benny’s vampire friend. He is dimwitted and geeky but he’s also funny. Rory was turned into a vampire after he accidentally bitten by Erica during a party. He has a big crush on Erica and tries to impress her.

Ethan’s blood type is H deficient, making him a Seer. His name comes from the writer of the novel “Fangged and Furious.” He can sing well and he’s a Seer. He was temporarily a vampire in two episodes of “Ethan My Babysitter is a Vampire” – Halloweird and “Jesse’s Back.” In Jesse’s Back, Ethan was bitten by Jesse, but was saved by Sarah.

Ethan’s younger sister, Jane, has a strange view of the world and knows that his supernatural friends are not human. She often helps her supernatural friends during dangerous situations. However, she also blackmails Ethan and threatens to tell his parents about their secret adventures. However, Jane is very caring and has a friendly relationship with Benny.

The book is also satirical of the Twilight series, with a major plot point in the TV movie pilot. In addition, one of the vampires in “Flight to the Moon” satirizes Justin Bieber in the song “Siren Song”. In “Blood Drive,” Erica is a Seer, but she doesn’t share her friendship with Rory and Ethan.

Sarah is a siren

Ethan and Benny discover that their local singing sensation is a siren. A mythical creature, a siren’s songs are said to bring out the worst in those who listen to them. To stop her, the boys team up with their friends, Erica and Rory, to perform at the school talent show.

Ethan’s sister, Jane, has a strange view of the world. She knows the supernatural abilities of some of her friends and uses them to help them get out of dangerous situations. She also blackmails Ethan by threatening to tell his parents about his secret adventures. Despite her threats, she is a great friend of Benny and cares deeply for Ethan.

Jesse is the vampire who sired Sarah and turned Rory and Erica into vampires. The Vampire Council threatens to attack Ethan if the vamp-on-vamp attacks continue. Sarah is still recovering from drinking too much blood, but Jesse seems mildly impressed with Ethan’s first date with Sarah.

After Erica’s transformation, Sarah has a reverted-to-alpha-bitch persona. She is still nice and helpful to Sarah, even though she’s an Alpha-Bitch. Her Freudian Excuse is that she was bullied before her transformation. Meanwhile, Benny’s twisted plan of creating love potions for Erica and Sarah leads him to go Ax-Crazy on the girls at school.

A siren is a Greek mythological monster. Her song spreads discord. Those who have heard her songs are aware that a siren is at work.

Erica is a victim of nature’s balance

In Camden, New Jersey, Erica was raised by a mother who infused her life with positive black imagery. Her mother was an inspiration for her success. She attributes her success to collective love, and she hopes to inspire people to dream and lead before leading. She is passionate about promoting the importance of self-care and being present for the people in her life.

Benny’s evil clone is created from a photo

The main plot of the film focuses on the creation of an evil clone of Benny, which is created from a photo. It is explained by Benny’s grandma, who explains that each negative on a photo represents one of the sides of the soul. The camera can be used to create multiple evil clones, and each one can be destructive to the soul. This situation creates a dangerous situation when a negative of a person is accidentally created.

Benny finds a camera in Grandma’s basement and sells it to the yearbook committee. Hannah Price’s evil clone is created by a photo taken with the camera. Hannah Price’s evil clone terrorizes the school, so Benny takes revenge by taking a photo of her with her back facing the camera.

The camera that Benny’s Grandma left him is cursed, and when it falls into the hands of his yearbook editor Hannah, it created a Doppleganger of both Benny and Hannah. The evil clone also created a Doppleganger of Sarah. Sarah’s Doppleganger also created a Doppleganger in her pocket dimension. However, when Benny and Ethan lured it out, the Doppleganger was destroyed.

After the transformation, Erica takes on the stereotypical Alpha Bitch persona. However, she is still friendly to Sarah and tries to help her when she can. She also has a Freudian Excuse about being bullied before the transformation. Once Benny has created the love potion, he goes Ax-Crazy on all the other girls in the school.

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