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Fox Theatres of Wyomissing, PA has announced plans for an expansion to its eight-screen Fox Berkshire luxury movie theater. The project will add four additional auditoriums and 400 heated recliners to the current theater. Construction is expected to begin in June 2019.

8-screen luxury theater

The 8-screen luxury Fox Theater in Berkshire, Massachusetts has recently opened an outdoor patio, complete with a string-light canopy and red cafe umbrellas. The theater also has communal tables and a fire pit, which make it an inviting space that separates it from the parking lot. The theater was once owned by Carmike Cinemas, but it was recently bought back by Fox Theatres, who are currently exploring the possibility of converting the building.

The expansion will add four more auditoriums and 400 heated recliners. The theater opened during Memorial Day weekend, and construction is set to begin in June 2019. Whether you’re interested in a theater experience or a night out with a friend or family, the Fox Berkshire will be a great choice. Whether you want to watch a movie or a sports game, you’ll find something for everyone at the Fox.

After almost 50 years, the Fox East theater will close its doors. The Reading mall is a good location for a movie, and the Fox East theater opened in 1971 as a twin. While the theater was a success, the company plans to relocate its employees to the newer Fox Berkshire. The theater features heated reclining seats, a full kitchen and a bar. The theater will also be closed for the time being, and the staff is expected to be offered jobs at the new theater.

In addition to a modern sound system and a comfortable leather seating, the Fox Berkshire also offers Dolby 7.1 sound. There are 8 screens in the theater, and the theater offers premium amenities. The theater features Christie HFR digital projection systems and luxury recliners. The theater has an additional parking lot, which makes it ideal for business travelers. This 8-screen luxury theater in Berkshire, Massachusetts is worth a trip if you’re looking for a quality movie experience.

Located on Berkshire Boulevard in Wyomissing

Located on Berkshire Boulevard in WyOmissing, PA is the new home of a popular shopping center. Anchored by PetSmart and LA Fitness, the center offers many amenities in a well-located location. Easily accessible via Route 222, the mall is situated at the intersection of State Hill Road and Berkshire Boulevard. Also located nearby is the Berkshire Mall, which is scheduled to undergo redevelopment in the near future.

Located on Berkshire Blvd in Wyomissing, PA, 975 Berkshire is a multi-tenanted office building. The building was completed in 1995 and offers 16,026 square feet of office space. There are also several other office spaces available for lease in this building, totaling 2,989 square feet. This property is close to public transportation, making it an ideal place to conduct business.

Owned by Fox Theatres

The Fox Berkshire opened in 1993 and is owned by the same company as the nearby Fox East theater. The Berkshire location was sold to Carmike in 2013, but Fox repurchased it in 2013. The theater features electric recliners, tray tables that swing out of the way, and other premium features. In the past, prospects looked to expanding the theater to upgrade the Fox East location, but it wasn’t cost-effective.

The theater closed this week after almost 50 years in business. The Wyomissing-based company will close the theater after the summer. The theater, located in the Reading Mall, has ten employees. One has worked there for 16 years. The company has offered the employees a transfer to the Fox Berkshire theater. Other closures are expected to follow. This one has been struggling to survive. Though many of the theaters in the area are closing, the Fox Berkshire remains open.

The theater is currently sold out every weekend. With the expansion of the eight-screen theater, it will offer more seating options than ever. The new theater will feature 10,000 square feet and four additional auditoriums. Adding more seating options, like heated recliner seats, will offer the ultimate moviegoing experience. While it’s not quite as comfortable as home, a trip to the theatre will be an unforgettable experience.

One of the eye-catching enhancements during the remodel of the theater was a cocktail bar. Designed as the centerpiece of the lobby, this bar was located at the same level as the theater’s bar. Despite the alcohol behind the bar, the theater’s owners wanted the bar to maintain its look and feel. This allowed them to keep it a focal point in the lobby. If you want a drink after a movie, you can always relax and drink a cocktail while enjoying a movie.

Follows state and federal guidelines

The Fox Berkshire theatre closed recently due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, but is slated to reopen next Friday. In order to protect the public from the deadly virus, the theater is enhancing cleaning and disinfecting procedures. All patrons, staff, and visitors will be required to wear masks, socially distancing themselves, and undergo a health check. Read on to learn more about what’s happening at the theater.

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