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If you’re having trouble customizing your Google News feed, read on for tips on how to get the most out of it. Learn how to view stories similar to your own and how to block certain sources from displaying content. Find similar stories in your feed, view stories similar to your favorite ones, and even add video content to your feed. Then, you can customize your feed to suit your preferences. Whether you want to read about the latest news, sports, or music, you can customize your news feed to your liking.

Customizing your Google News feed

If you use Google News, you may have noticed that you can customize your feed to meet your specific needs. It allows you to select topics that you are interested in and not in. The Customize feed interface allows you to add and remove topics manually. Likewise, you can choose specific areas of topics, as well. The following are some ways to customize your Google News feed:

You can choose to see only stories on a certain topic, or view stories with similar content. You can also view full coverage, which shows you all stories on a particular topic. Once you’ve customized your news feed, you can also adjust the way the stories appear in your feed. For instance, if you’re interested in news about the Olympics, you can select the “Official Olympic Games” category. If you’re interested in news about sports, you can choose to view only stories on that subject.

Blocking certain sources from displaying content in your feed

When you are looking for ways to customize your newsfeed, you might want to block certain sources from showing up. There are many ways to do so. Some of these methods may not be as convenient as others, though. The good news is that there are several easy solutions to this problem. Below are just a few tips that can help you customize your newsfeed. Read on to learn how to block certain sources.

First, you should know that Google News uses your browser history and web activity to suggest you news stories. If you often search for topics that are irrelevant to your interests, then you won’t want to be presented with those stories. You can disable Google News from using these sources by asking the app to not collect your browsing history and other activity. Blocking certain sources from showing up in your newsfeed can help you avoid seeing news that is not relevant to you.

Viewing similar stories to stories you like in your feed

In Instagram, viewing similar stories to the ones you’ve liked is a great way to discover new content. Unlike Facebook, this social media platform doesn’t use public like counts. Instead, it shows stories only to people who have viewed them, so that you can see who’s most interested in the story. You can also choose to share similar stories with friends on Messenger. The more stories you like, the higher your chance of being featured.

Adding video content to your feed

If your business relies on videos, you should consider adding video content to your Google news feed. YouTube’s news platform is similar to Google News, so it makes sense to take advantage of this new format. To make your video content more visible, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. You’ll need to include header and title tags and ensure your video’s description accurately represents its content. Google News will also consider your video if it is updated on a regular basis.

First, try to be timely. If your video is about Google’s new search UI, it won’t show up on your news feed. It’s important to remember that YouTube users are most likely to watch video content that is relevant to their interests. However, if your video was posted two weeks ago, it will not show up. To make it appear on your news feed, you need to be timely.

Adding RSS feeds to your feed

Adding RSS feeds to your Google newsfeed is a great way to subscribe to your favorite websites and topics. You can also bookmark stories and topics. Adding these feeds to your Google news feed is easy and will save you time. You can also subscribe to multiple RSS feeds. Follow these links to get a quick overview of all your favorite websites. Adding RSS feeds to your Google newsfeed will automatically add these to your Google reader.

Some e-mail service providers offer RSS feed subscriptions as e-mail notifications. Free web-based readers can help you keep track of your RSS subscriptions. You can also opt to use a desktop application-based RSS reader. Both free and premium readers have their own advantages and drawbacks. In most cases, EMA does not collect personal information from RSS feed subscribers. If you want to subscribe to a particular RSS feed, however, make sure to check out its privacy policies.

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