If you’re looking to sell dragons on the AH, there are a few things that you can do to increase the price of your dragons. These include tertiary colour, rarer eyes, and XXX dragons. However, it is also important to note that AH listings can expire.

Rarer eyes increase price of dragons

Dragons with rarer eyes are more valuable than average ones. Although this is not an automatic rule, some dragons can sell for more than average dragons with common eyes. This means that you should pay close attention to what type of dragon you are buying and what eye colour it has. In some cases, eye colour is not as important as other factors such as the overall look of the dragon.

However, if you are looking to buy a rare dragon, you should make sure that it has rare eyes. If you have a ForestLily dragon, you may not be able to get rare eyes. This is because this particular breed isn’t particularly sought after by collectors. Even if you have a Multi-Gaze or Primal-Eyed dragon, its rare eyes may not make the dragon sell for a high price. Despite this, ForestLily dragons are generally worth eight to ten grams per kt.

In addition to rare eyes, rare dragons also have rare genes and a unique appearance. Dragons with rare genes will be valued higher than dragons with cheaper genes. Dragons with matching genes will be more valuable than dragons with different colours. Rarer genes and eye colour will increase your dragon’s price. Those dragons with unique colours are also more valuable. People who love XXX dragons will pay more for rare ones with rare eyes.

As with many other games, Flight Rising has a virtual economy which fluctuates based on the player base. The economy is affected by how players view certain dragon genes, items, and familiars. These factors are determined by the overall wealth of a gamer.

Tertiary colour can increase price of dragons

Dragons that are close to white or black in colour can command a higher price. This is especially true of dragons called “snowbelly”. Those dragons tend to be more popular than other types. Also, dragons that have a particular gene combination are considered rare, making them more expensive.

Breeding is a key part of Flight Rising because it allows you to pass down genes from parent dragons to offspring. While the game does not work on the Mendel System, it allows you to breed dragons to get desired colours. The game’s colour wheel will determine the colour outcome of a dragon’s offspring based on the parents’ colors and the shortest distance between them. Each dragon has three slots for genes and three possible colors.

If you are considering buying dragons on the AH, try to keep an eye on the game’s price trends. Sometimes, the higher the price, the better the genes, and thus the higher the price. If you are a dragon enthusiast and enjoy playing the game, there are several ways to increase your dragon’s flight price. First, find a dragon that you like. Then, be flexible with your colour preferences. Keep in mind that different combinations look cooler than others. You can also consider a dragon’s gender.

Choosing a dragon with the correct Tertiary gene will make it appear different from other dragons. It will have a patterned body and wings. The tertiary gene will only be found in dragons that already have a primary gene or a secondary gene. Dragons with tert gene will have a secondary colour on their wings. This trait can be bought with gems.

AH listings expire

AH listings can expire, but the items don’t always go back to the owner. Some items remain in limbo until they’re relisted, while others go back to the hoard. There are ways to prevent expired auctions, however, including tweaking your settings and cancelling the auction.

When you notice an item on the AH that expires, click on it to view more details. This will display the current price and expiration date of the item. You can also view the amount of time the item has been listed. Once you’ve accessed the information you need, you can make a decision.

In addition to buying and selling items, you can also earn money by offering your services. You can sell art, writing, gems, USD, and other services. You can even earn money by helping others with their dragons. The Coliseum is also a good place to sell items.

AH listings aren’t always accurate

One thing you should know about the AH listings is that the prices can sometimes be out of date. These prices depend on a lot of factors, including gene and breed rarity. Genes and breeds that have long-running rare abilities are often priced more highly than others. For example, a random Coatl is not likely to be worth more than a random Fae, as the latter breed has been around for a long time. Similarly, new genes for breeds with longer cooldowns are expensive for a while.

The AH is often filled with sellers listing multiple auctions for the same item. You should be careful to avoid canceling auctions if you find that a competitor has undercut you. Alternatively, you should relist your item if several items are listed lower than yours.

One way to ensure that the price of a dragon you wish to sell is to advertise the dragon with a high price, and then lower it gradually. This way, you can be sure to sell it for a decent price, and earn money very quickly.

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