Literary agents are the ones who help writers let publishers know their work. From assisting the writers in making their stories into books to finding a company willing to pay for your story to be sold. LITERARY AGENT

These agents act as a middle man for the writer and publishers. Few of the tasks they do for writers include reading stories from writers and choosing the best from your work that would be good for selling. 

Also, they will help a writer to improve their writings or work. A literary agent also communicates in finding possible publishers to buy the story you have made. 

These things that an agent does make it very important and helpful to a writer who’s been waiting for their work to be acknowledged. Suppose you are wondering where and how to find a literary agent who could help and be able to assist you with your stories. 

Simply search for a literary agent on the net, and you will have several options that might interest you. That could help you with your career as an author to publish your work or story.

Reasons why writers need a literary agent

Below are some of the things that a literary agent does, which show how important and helpful they are to an author’s career and the writing industry as well. 


A literary agent’s job is to review the client’s or writer’s work. Such as short stories, non-fictional books, manuscripts and more. Then offers creative insights and edits needed for the enhancement of your work.

That could help you with some ideas, strategies and how to make your story more creative, which might be the keys and pointers to consider to become your book a bestseller.


This might surprise you, but hiring a literary agent to read and review your work costs nothing, and it’s free. This is because agents usually work on a commission basis.

This means that when your work gets published, that is the time they will have their money—making it very beneficial for writers, especially for those who are just beginning. 

For they will not have to spend money or worry about hiring an agent to help them with their work because it’s free.


Aside from overseeing book contracts. One of the things that a literary agent does is negotiate contracts with publishers, which helps the writer to be able to publish their work.

In addition, these agents also help get speaking arrangements and organize deals in licensing. As well as keeping or tracking payments for the writer’s work as it gets published.

They help ensure and assist that the story done by the author is organized as it is ready and fit for publishing. 


Making your work published is possible, but having a literary agent may increase your chances of getting book deals.

This is because agents have already established a connection through various publishers. It is much easier to present them with a new manuscript without much hesitation as it has undergone reviews from a literary agent.

That eventually could lead you to a more and better chance of getting your work or book published.


A literary agent is also involved in a marketing plan to ensure that the story or book you intend to publish is fit for publishing.

This plan includes helping the authors clarify their target audience, brainstorming ideas, and introducing a writer to potential endorsers or publishers. As well as evaluating the choices being made in marketing a book. 


The help of a literary agent would make your life as an author much easier because they act as the one who communicates to the possible publishers.

They also serve as a substitute in representing the book while it is in the process of publishing or selling a book. As an agent, they reach and interact with various endorsers.


When the time comes for you to submit the book to publishers, there are some guidelines that need to be met. Such as book proposals, sample chapters, query letters and plans in marketing which are part of the literary work.

That usually depends on what type of book you submit, like children’s or fictional books. Also, agents keep track of these offered formats and guidelines publishers or possible endorsers require.  


Hiring a literary agent will enable you to focus on your writing career. Due to such reasons, these agents do the marketing and communication to the possible endorsers of your work.

They find publishers that could help your dream in the writing industry be fulfilled, where you do not have to tackle the needed guidelines for publishing. 

Also, the literary agents will be the ones who will negotiate for you, such as in subsidiary rights and logistics that are needed.

These agents serve as a teammate in helping you achieve what you aspire for, to be known as a writer. 

This would be a great benefit for you as you do not have to worry about things you may not know about, especially when you are just new or beginning in this kind of field.


An agent works as your partner. Because they tend to offer helpful guidelines and advice that would enhance you and your work. 

They also may give you constructive ideas, encouragement and support without paying them.

In addition, literary agents assist and provide you with the proper knowledge and information you may need to fulfill your career in writing books. 

Hiring a literary agent would make your life easier. In terms of assisting, negotiating, communicating and marketing your work. As well as providing you with helpful tips and guidelines to make your job even better that would fit a publisher’s standards. That might eventually help you get your work published.

Closing Thoughts

If you are an aspiring author, a literary agent would be more of a help than a burden. Given that, the one you work with loves literature as well. It would help you to focus on the writing process and developing your stories. Leave the rest of the worries to the agent, especially those that concern your book’s business aspect. 

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