Used vehicles don’t have to be a total waste. You can give them a second life by selling them to Kenny U-Pull. These companies will buy your old car for parts and sell them for a fraction of the price it would cost the manufacturer. You can rest assured that your car will be safe, sound, and get good money for it. You can get rid of your old car quickly, too.

Kenny U-Pull

Kenny U-Pull is a division of AIM that offers self-service retail for used auto parts. With their patented self-serve retailing system, consumers are offered a virtually limitless supply of replacement parts at an affordable price. The company also provides the labour, tools, and salvage needed to pull parts and repair vehicles. The benefits of using this service are numerous. In addition to excellent prices and convenience, the company offers a streamlined shopping experience.

Hard charger award

Kenny U-Pull will continue to sponsor the Hard Charger Award in 2022. This award is given to the competitor who gains the most positions by the end of the main feature. The award will be presented at all twelve events of the East Coast International Pro Stock Tour. Jarrett Butcher took home the Hard Charger award. He finished ninth in the race. The award has been sponsored by Kenny U-Pull since 2015.

Atlantic Tiltload drivers Jarrett Butcher and Donald Chisholm won their respective heat races. Cole Butcher took home the Kenny U Pull Hard Charger award. The Atlantic Tiltload heat race saw four cautions and ten lead changes. The next event in the Atlantic Tiltload Tour will be the Parts for Trucks 150. The winners will be announced on June 21.

Recycling program

Kenny U-Pull, an auto parts recycling center in Ontario, offers hundreds of used parts for your car at a fraction of the cost from the manufacturer. The unique concept of this auto recycling center is changing the way auto repair is done in the traditional ‘do it yourself’ industry. In addition to offering used car parts, it is committed to creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment.

AIM Recycling, based in Montreal, is a global leader in metal recycling. They have 31 locations across the world and recently opened six facilities in Maine. AIM is a privately-owned company with an ambition to expand throughout the Northeast. The program was founded by Herb Black, who specializes in providing solutions for the waste management industry. AIM also offers a wide range of recycling options for businesses, including curbside pick-up and recycling.

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