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The Pole d’activites technologiques Gare Numerique is located in the center-city of Carpentras, Vaucluse en Provence. This new zone focuses on the development of digital activities. The former SNCF train station has been converted into a zone of activities aimed at new technologies. la gare numrique carpentras company description.

Coworking spaces in Carpentras

Coworking is not just about working in a common space. It’s about meeting people and making business connections. If you have an innovative idea, a coworking space could be the perfect place to get it done. There are many benefits of coworking, from free internet and coffee to networking opportunities.

There are several coworking spaces available in the area. If you’re in need of a space to conduct your creative work, you might want to consider a temporary coworking space. These are located near the FabLab and the Gare Numerique. The idea is to encourage collaboration and innovation.

Having your own workspace is not as difficult as you might think. The rates at these coworking spaces are flexible. The spaces are close to the metro, tramway, and regional trains. The rates at these spaces are adapted to meet the requirements of each individual.

La CoVe is an economic development organization engaged in transforming the former SNCF train station in Carpentras into a “digital hub.” The building will feature meeting spaces and virtual and physical spaces that will attract a variety of people. Currently, the project is underway.

Carpentras has been reinventing itself for the last decade. Its infrastructure, public transport, multimodal interchange, and cultural infrastructure are evolving to meet the needs of its residents. In fact, the city has even been chosen to take part in a national action called Action Coeur de Ville.

Industrial land for sale in Carpentras

If you’re interested in investing in a piece of land in Carpentras, you can find a good deal by contacting a local real estate agent. The real estate agency BERBUDEAU IMMOBILIER is an excellent choice for industrial land for sale in Carpentras. This company has a long history in the industry and works with efficiency and professionalism. Their real estate team is available to answer your questions and help you find the perfect property. la gare numrique carpentras company description.

Association de Prefiguration de la Gare Numerique

The Association de Prefiguration de la Gare numérique (APPG) is a non-profit organization that provides the people of Carpentras with access to a number of services. The organization’s goal is to build a strong community by bringing people together with the same interests, to create a sense of belonging, and to provide opportunities for them to develop their skills. The association also works to provide affordable childcare to local residents.

The Association de Prefiguration de la Gare numérique Carpentras was founded in April 2017 with the aim of creating a cooperative of shared interest in the local area. This association is comprised of local organizations and professionals and federates over 160 members. The organization currently employs nine people.

APPG is a hub for learning, professional development, and content creation. It also serves as a mediating tool for local populations and businesses. It promotes innovation, responsibility, and collaborative conception. APPG is a community where individuals and organizations are able to find answers to their problems, and build their own solutions to problems.

Project of 3MEUR

The project is valued at $13 million and will improve safety and traffic flow on the RD26 in the region. It will also open two new axes at Mudaison and Mauguio. The project will also provide a rehearsal space for cultural events.

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