Han Jisung, Lee know, and Shin Hye-Jin are all part of the JYP Entertainment family. But what is their background? Here we’ll explore Lee Know’s background and ancestry. Known for her sexy stage presence and charming personality, the singer is a popular choice for fans of K-pop. Her parents are both Korean and have a history of sexy dramas, so Lee Know is sure to please fans of all ages.

Han Jisung

Stray Kids’ three members have revealed their motivations for choosing stage names. After a year of performing under their given names in the Mnet survival show, the group decided to switch things up in their debut teasers. Lee Minho now goes by Lee Know, Han Jisung goes by Han, and Yang Jungin is known as I.N. Although they all have unique characteristics, Han Jisung is the one who is most likely to be remembered by fans.

This is not the first time that rumors about dating between the two have surfaced. Lee Know and Minho are currently dating, though the former is dating Felix on the side. Jisung is a music production major and performs at a bar near campus every Friday. Although she is an introverted, impulsive type, she falls for Minho’s charisma and charm. While she isn’t the best dancer in straykids, her dancing skills are among the best in the group.

Lee Minho

Lee Minho is a South Korean actor, singer, model, and entrepreneur. After starring in KBS’s drama Boys Over Flowers, Lee quickly became one of the world’s biggest Hallyu stars. After playing minor roles in a string of Korean dramas, Lee landed the leading role in the blockbuster Boys Over Flowers. The film is based on a Shojo manga series. Lee has starred in several films and has lent his voice to several super hits.

After his breakthrough role in Boys Over Flowers (2009), Lee Min-ho became a household name in South Korea. Lee Min-ho later lost his stage name and began using his real name. In 2006, he suffered a devastating car accident. The resulting injuries left him bedridden for a year. However, his recovery allowed him to focus on pursuing a career in acting. After recovering from his accident, Lee Min-ho was cast in his first starring role in the drama ‘Mackerel Run’ (2007). The film was scheduled for 24 episodes, but was canceled after just 8 episodes due to low viewer ratings.

In September, Lee Minho attended the premiere of the Apple TV Plus series “Pachinko.” Based on bestselling author Min Jin Lee’s novel, the drama follows a Korean immigrant family through four generations. The show stars Yu-na Jeon, Minha Kim, and Yuh-Jung Youn, among others. Lee plays Hansu, a boy who develops a relationship with Sun-ja, a teenage girl with an enigmatic past.

In his early years, Lee Min Ho dreamed of becoming a soccer player. His childhood dreams were dashed when he went to elementary school. But his interest in acting began to grow and he signed a contract with Starhaus Entertainment by his senior year of high school. Today, the 20-year-old actor lives in Los Angeles, California with his girlfriend Jung. In addition to his career, Lee is an active member of his community.

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