A Lord Farquaad meme is a popular image based on the character from the Lord of the Rings movies. It features the fictional character with a chiseled jaw and sparkly blue eyes. This image is so popular that it even became a compliment. Here are some things to know about this meme.

Lord Farquaad is a ruler of Duloc

Lord Farquaad is the evil ruler of the Duloc kingdom, voiced by John Lithgow. He is a tyrant who recruits Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona, who he plans to marry. In attempting to rescue Fiona, Shrek discovers that he loves her and faces off against Lord Farquaad to save the princess.

Lord Farquaad is the only ruler of Duloc. He seeks to control everything and makes the land perfect, even if it means exiling the fairytale creatures. To do so, he gives rewards to the citizens who turn in Fairytale creatures. In return, the displaced Fairytale creatures are put into cages and sent to Duloc’s swamp. There, they are exiled to the swamp, where the local ogre Shrek lives.

Lord Farquaad is a short dictator who has a discourteous attitude towards people. He never shows any gratitude for Shrek and Donkey. He is a professional administrator but has no popularity with his people. During the tournament, the people of Duloc cheer for Shrek, despite his discourteous attitude.

Lord Farquaad is a tyrant who had too much power. He wanted more and wanted to marry his princess. He was consumed by greed and eventually ended up banishing all the fairytale characters to Shrek’s swamp. This is why he is a villain.

Lord Farquaad is a villain in the 2001 animated movie Shrek, and also appears in the Shrek musical and Shrek 4-D. He is voiced by John Lithgow. He is very short, and he has a chubby chin and pageboy haircut.

Lord Farquaad is a heartless ruler of Duloc, and he banished many fairytale characters. He also banished Princess Fiona, a beautiful and tough princess. Farquaad’s ego makes him a terrible ruler.

Lord Farquaad is a tyrant in Duloc, and his haughty behavior has caused him to lose his kingdom to the Duloc princess. However, Shrek soon learns that Farquaad is a sly character and will try to take revenge on her.

He has sparkly blue eyes

One of the most noticeable features of Lord Farquaad is his sparkly blue eyes. The character also has a distinctive hairstyle. In fact, a Supernatural fan once said that the character Sam resembled Lord Farquaad. In addition, Jared Padalecki’s hairstyle and jawline are similar to those of the character.

While his physical appearance may suggest that he’s short and sexy, his personality reveals that he’s an aloof, self-absorbed, and lusty dictator. He’s also a bit sadistic and manipulative. Throughout the story, he also tortures Fiona and Shrek.

Lord Farquaad is a popular character among internet users. His sparkly blue eyes and blond hair have made him a popular meme character. His image also looks similar to that of actor Alan Rickman, who plays Snape in the Harry Potter movies. The character was designed by Jeffrey Katzenberg, head of the motion picture division at Disney, and Michael Eisner, former CEO of Walt Disney.

He is modeled after a real-life portrait

Lord Farquad was created to help ease the worries of people who were concerned about their looks. While it’s not known for sure who the real portrait is, it does bear an uncanny resemblance to Farquad. His hairstyle and chiseled jaw quickly became a meme.

Farquaad’s personality has many similarities to a real-life portrait. He was the villainous ruler of Duloc City and a power-hungry and selfish dictator. The character resembles a typical Napoleon Complex, and he suffers from overcompensating for his comical stature.

Lord Farquaad has dazzling blue eyes and a distinctive hairstyle. Fans of the Supernatural television series noted that Sam looked remarkably similar to Lord Farquaad. Jared Padalecki’s jawline and hairstyle also resemble the character.

Lord Farquaad is a powerful character in the Shrek franchise. The villain is a manipulative and sadistic man who sought to get a princess to become king. He has little love for his wife and has a lust for power. In fact, he even tortured the Princess Gingy to get her to marry him.

The portrait of Farquaad is a composite of several real-life portraits. He is a powerful villain who has a regal manner. As the ruler of Duloc City, Ferdo Farquaad spent most of his time catching fairytale creatures. He once asked a mirror whether his city was perfect, and the mirror replied that it was not because he wasn’t a king.

He should be kept to jokes

Lord Farquad is a slapstick character from the Disney cartoons, but he has a darker side. He is an exhibitionist who develops physical arousal towards Princess Fiona. In fact, he is so exhibitionist that he performs acts in his bedroom by himself, as seen in the movie.

The name is a reference to a character in the Disney animated film Shrek. Farquaad is the villain of the movie who sells fairytale characters to slavery. He lives in a gigantic castle that is surrounded by a theme park. In the movie, he resembles Eisner, though he is much taller. He also has a dirty mind. Thankfully, the Magic Mirror was able to see through his dirty mind.

Lord Farquaad has been considered a caricature of former Disney CEO Michael Eisner and DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg. In fact, some say the name is a corruption of the word ‘fuckwad.’ In addition, some think that it is a play on the Notre Dame quadrangles.

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