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Marked Tree Vineyard is located on the land of the Cherokee. Its name comes from Native American routing systems, which used saplings bending towards certain resources as landmarks to direct other travelers on their path. Today, marker trees are disappearing, but the owners hope to create a space for people to reflect over a glass of wine and remember their roots.

Marked Tree

For wine lovers, Marked Tree Vineyard is a hidden gem. This winery’s wines are anything but standard varietals and are presented in whimsical bottles. These wines feature graphic art on their labels and inside the bottles. If you love art, this winery is for you. They produce a number of blends that are sure to satisfy your palate.

The vineyard’s wines are derived from grapes grown in the region. A distinctive aspect of its wines is their green hue. Marked Tree’s wines are made from varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon. Its flavors include citrus, apple, and celery. This wine is a recent arrival in the state, but its winemakers are confident that it will grow into an industry leader.

Tim Parks and Lance Hiatt were able to find the perfect location for their new winery. They were able to find a 50-acre property that was once a hay field or orchard. Part of the property was wooded, which was perfect for growing grape vines.

Stone Ashe

For those of you who enjoy wine and great views, Stone Ashe at Marked Tree Vineyard is a must-visit. This vineyard is home to one of the few estate-grown Lemberger vineyards in the state. Its grapes were cloned from French legacy vines and bred to mimic the climate of Bordeaux vineyards. The steep hillsides help shade the vines and allow natural light to reach them.

Located on a mountainside near Hendersonville, Stone Ashe Vineyards has a charming setting and winemaking that pays tribute to the region. The vineyard is hand-tended and features French varietals such as Cabernet Franc. Among the varieties available are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon Blanc. The tasting room offers views of the vineyards, and the winery has a catering kitchen.

The vineyard’s soil is rich with nutrients and is perfect for complex fruit. Its rustic tasting room features a scenic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Locals rave about Stone Ashe’s wines, and it’s easy to see why. Visitors to the vineyard will also enjoy the rustic setting and the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The winery’s location at 2,300 feet on the Eastern Continental Divide gives it exceptional views. The tasting room has both indoor and outdoor seating. Guests can sample 10 different wine varieties, made from European vinifera grapes and French-American hybrid grapes. The vineyard also has a full food menu and offers a food tray.

With over 60 acres of vines in the region, the Crest of the Blue Ridge wine region is becoming more popular. The area features six wineries, including Stone Ashe at Marked Tree Vineyard. This vineyard is one of the newer wineries in Hendersonville. Its winery has been modeled after the French vineyards and has a rustic tasting room and picturesque views of the surrounding mountains.

Tim Parks

If you’re in the mood for some fine wine, check out Marked Tree Vineyard in Flat Rock, North Carolina. It’s located at an elevation of 2300 feet on the Eastern Continental Divide and offers spectacular views of Mount Pisgah and Mount Tryon to the south. Named for the Native American marked trees, the vineyard is committed to producing European-style wine. In its tasting room, you can taste the wines made from a variety of grape varieties.

The tasting room is beautiful and complements the wine that’s made here. It reflects years of meticulous planning and design. Tim and Lance Parks invited friends with experience in interior design and architecture to work with them to create the perfect wine tasting room. The result is a beautifully designed space that blends the enjoyment of tasting wine with meeting new people.

The couple’s love for wine began when they took a family vacation in Atlanta. There, they discovered several boutique-style wineries. Tim had grown up in a large, industrial winery that produced up to three hundred thousand cases annually. While this was a change of pace, he and his wife soon realized that they had a true passion for wine.

Lance Hiatt

Lance Hiatt and Tim Parks purchased land near Flat Rock, North Carolina, in 2015. They decided to build a winery there and eventually turn the property into a full-fledged family enterprise. The vineyard is located at 623 Deep Gap Road in Flat Rock. Hiatt says the surrounding community has been incredibly supportive. The couple says that they have received help from their friends, family, and neighbors.

The Marked Tree Vineyard is a unique experience on the North Carolina wine trail. It features an open-air tasting room, minimalist labels, and estate-grown wines. The building, tasting room, and label design are designed by Lance Hiatt. The Hiatts bought the 46 acres of land in Flat Rock in 2015. They studied viticulture at Surry Community College and his nephew is currently working in the winery.

Despite the fact that the winery is a relatively new venture, Marked Tree is already earning acclaim for its wines. Its recent releases have earned several medals from the North Carolina Fine Wines Competition, which is considered one of the toughest wine competitions in the country. Its 2018 Vidal Blanc garnered a bronze medal. The winery has three new releases this year.

Currently, the winery has two locations in Henderson County: a tasting room and a winery. The Flat Rock location opened its doors last year, and the winery has been bottling since 2016. The vineyard features French standards and German-inspired varietals. The new winery is a new addition to the popular Cider, Wine & Dine Weekend in Henderson County. The event highlights the region’s American Viticultural Area.

The winery is well-designed, with striking aesthetics and an interior that complements the wine. Lance and Tim spent years planning the design of the tasting room, inviting friends who were interior designers and architects. They spent hours planning the space and making it feel as elegant as possible.

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