Designed for young children, Monkey Mania is an amusement park that combines NES and Super NES(tm) games with Mini-games and Party packages. For additional fun, enjoy the food served on the premises and visit the nearby theme parks. There are plenty of other ways to entertain young guests. We’ve listed some of the top choices below. Read on to learn more. (Or, skip ahead to the bottom for our full review.)

NES and Super NES(tm) games

Fans of old-school Nintendo gaming may want to dig back into the collection of Monkey mania NES and Super NE(tm) games to relive the fun of this classic platformer. The Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania remake contains remastered versions of Super Monkey Ball, Supermonkey Bounce and Supermonkey Ball Deluxe. This remastered version of the NES classic is scheduled to hit consoles on October 5 and will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X on November 5, respectively.

The NES and Super NES(tm), as well as the original arcade versions of Monkey mania, feature a slew of minigames, including Super Monkey Ball, Monkey Racing, Monkey Soccer, and a variety of other classics. This new edition also includes the comic book-style Story Mode and character customization. To enjoy the Deluxe Edition of Monkey Ball, players must have an online membership and access to the Save Data Cloud.


The Mini-Games in Monkey Mania vary wildly. From the usual shooter to an arcade-style minigame, the game has something for everyone. For example, the arcade game Monkey Shot will have you rolling down a ramp while hitting a target that is far off to the side. This is the ultimate in wacky fun, but there are also other mini-games, like minigolf and regular golf.

The mini-games in Monkey Mania can be played with all six members of the monkey gang. Each character will have her own mini-game. The game also features online multiplayer that allows up to four people to compete in the mini-games. There are no reviews yet, so you may be left with the guesswork of figuring out which mini-games are the most fun. If you have the money to spend on the game, you can even pay for the addition of Morgana as a DLC.

Another sporty mini-game in Monkey Mania is Monkey Tennis. While this game has an interesting twist, it’s not as interesting as it could be. The characters aren’t realistically represented and the game makes little sense when they can’t hold rackets. The controls are also awkward and sensitive. The physics in Monkey Mania are inconsistent. It is worth checking out the other mini-games in Monkey Mania before you decide on whether or not to buy this game.

There are also two remastered versions of Super Monkey Ball for the Nintendo GameCube. While Super Monkey Ball Deluxe has many of the same features as its GameCube counterpart, it does have some noticeable physics issues and a lack of depth. It does have many mini-games, so you may be able to find a few that you enjoy playing online. If you don’t want to spend your money on this game, try the arcade version.

Party packages

Monkey Mania is one of the premiere indoor children’s play centres in Australia. With a dedicated toddler’s area, inflatable jumping castles, sports arenas, and arcade games, Monkey Mania is a great venue for birthdays and other special occasions. In addition to offering fun play options for your guests, Monkey Mania offers themed party rooms. For children’s birthday parties, you can choose from different party packages to suit your budget and theme.

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Food options

While the play areas at Monkey Mania are filled with fun for all ages, parents can also find healthy and delicious food options for their little ones. While you cannot take outside food into the venue, there are many healthy options available for purchase at the Monkey Mania Cafe. Food is generally reasonably priced, with a kids sandwich and drink priced at just $8.50. You can also purchase balloons and other goodies for your little monkeys.

Kids will love the indoor play areas at its, which have a variety of fun equipment for children ages one to twelve. A café is available, where you can enjoy barista-quality coffee and homemade cakes. A variety of daily specials are available as well. Parents can also treat their children to a delicious buffet breakfast or lunch. Evening meals are available for adults. Parents can take a break and relax with a drink while the kids play, and order a meal to take home.

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