An age-old person has made the rounds on the internet after a video of her appeared on TikTok. In two separate videos, she looked as if she had been around for a few centuries. Some people even believe that she is the oldest woman alive, but there’s no proof to support that claim. The video of her may be a hoax, and her real age is 109. oldest woman alive 399 years old tiktok

Luang Pho Yai is 109 years old

In January, a video of an apparent 163-year-old man went viral on social media. However, there is no evidence of monks practicing sokushinbutsu, the Buddhist practice of self-mummification, in the video. The monk was later identified as Luang Pho Yai, a Buddhist monk who claims to be 109 years old. The videos have garnered more than 612,000 followers.

A video of the elderly man has sparked a big online conversation, spreading misinformation and contradictory rumors. The videos show the old man lying in bed and in a wheelchair. Auyary KH, the monk’s granddaughter, has started posting the videos of her grandfather on TikTok, documenting his recovery. The video is not without its critics, though.

Kane Tanaka is the oldest woman alive

According to CNN, Kane Tanaka, the oldest woman alive, is 119 years old. But this does not mean she is the same as the famous 200-year-old Himalayan monk Maharudra. According to CNN, Tanaka is the oldest living person. She may be the oldest living woman, but her story is still a mystery. In this article, we’ll try to figure out how she has remained so young.

The first viral video of the woman has gone viral on the Internet, where she is compared to other people who are older than her. Some people say the woman is a hoax while others think she is the real deal. However, a closer look at the woman’s appearance will shed some light on her long life. There are many things to know about this mysterious lady, so let’s get started! oldest woman alive 399 years old tiktok

Despite these questions, the video

Despite these questions, the video has generated much interest, even if the woman is a fake. Fake pictures have popped up on the web, claiming that she was 217 years old. A viral video of the woman’s face has also stirred controversy, as she looks white and still moves on her own. The video, which has over 100 million views, has caused many internet users to question whether the video is real or a fake.

However, the most recent video was filmed in Japan. It shows Kane Tanaka, 119 years old, as well as other historical figures who are older than she. . They had four children and adopted a fifth. Kane enjoyed chocolate and soda, and she was presented with a box of chocolates during the 2019 presentation ceremony, which she immediately devoured. Despite her age, she was selected to carry the Olympic torch. But her family disapproved because of the high risk.

Video of a 399-year-old woman on TikTok is a hoax

A video claiming to show the oldest woman alive has been making the rounds on the internet. Many people have expressed their surprise at this claim after seeing the frail person lying on a hospital bed. But is it really the oldest woman alive? Many people have expressed their confusion after spotting the same person in different videos, with many saying that the video is a hoax.

It is possible that this video is a hoax, but it is possible to check whether it is fake or not by visiting the website linked below. oldest woman alive 399 years old tiktok

Another video claiming to show the oldest woman alive claims to show the video of the elderly Luang Pho Ya of Thailand. This video was posted to the social media site TikTok in January, gaining millions of views. In fact, the elderly woman was actually the monk Luan Pho Ya. But the video has since been taken down because it is a fake.

The video was originally posted

The video was originally posted by an account called @briar_cares and quickly went viral. After generating over thirty million views from just one video, the account has grown to 437,000 followers. The bio says, “I’m a beauty guru.” But that doesn’t mean the account belongs to Briarcare. This account is actually a scam. oldest woman alive 399 years old tiktok

Another video, which purports to show the 399-year-old oldest woman in the world, has also gone viral on the platform. Although the video was posted by a monk, the account was later shut down after it gained thousands of views. Its success shows that people are willing to fall for anything interesting. That said, it’s good to know that this particular video is a hoax.

A video claiming to show the oldest woman alive on TikTok is a hoaxe

Video of a 399-year-old woman is a video of a 109-year-old monk

After a mysterious rumour that a 399-year-old woman was filmed in Thailand, many people were shocked to see the footage. There were several theories attached to the video, including that she was actually 169 years old. A Buddhist monk in Thailand, however, has debunked these claims. Originally a novice in the temple, he has been living in the same cave since 1623.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by a woman claiming to be a 400-year-old monk in Thailand, was quickly shared on social media sites. The video is said to be of the same woman who appeared in several TikTok videos. The same visuals can also be seen here. While the woman appears to be a nun, the monk is, in fact, 109 years old.

The video also depicts a 109-year-old Buddhist monk named Luang Pho Yai. He lives in Thailand. His video has gained worldwide attention after being shared by his granddaughter. Initially, it was thought to be a hoax, but later disproved after it was revealed to be fake. The real video of Luang Pho Yai in his hospital bed has more than 88 million views.

The video has sparked a massive internet discussion

The video has sparked a massive internet discussion, with rumors and misinformation spread across different social media platforms. The account, which went by the name @auyary13, has millions of views and has pictures of the elderly man. In addition, the account’s owner has posted messages in Thai about caring for the elderly man.

While the video may be convincing, the fact is that the monk is not 200 years old. In fact, the oldest person in the world is a 119-year-old Japanese woman, Jeanne Louise Calment, who died in 1997. In contrast, the 109-year-old monk in Thailand is not actually 200 years old, but rather 119.

The original video of the elderly man was uploaded to TikTok in November 2021 and has gone viral since. The monk’s relative confirmed that the elderly man was 109 years old. However, other social media users claimed that he was actually 109 years old. It is not clear which is true.

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