The program known as OUR Florida is closing. It has already paid out more than $3 million to people in need of rent and utility assistance, but now it will no longer accept new applications. The organization’s website states that the program has reached its funding limit and will no longer accept new applications. But what does this mean for residents like Josephine Bisono? This program helps those who are facing eviction. It also offers help for families with children.

OUR Florida is closing

The OUR Florida program has been a lifeline for many homeless people in Florida. Over the past year, it has distributed $1.3 billion in rental assistance money. With the program now closing, many residents are scrambling to find housing. The agency has also warned that money from the program may not be enough to help everyone. While some people have been able to find temporary housing through the program, others are still faced with eviction cases.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) program makes federal funds available to local governments. However, the funds are quickly running out, and OUR Florida is closing. If you need assistance, you have just a few months to apply. Applications must be submitted by May 12, 2022, at 10:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time. To be considered, applications must be submitted in person at an OUR Florida office or postmarked by that date.

If you are interested in applying for OUR Florida, you should apply now. You will have to complete the application forms, pass an inspection and complete other requirements. The entire process may take between three and six weeks. However, the deadline for applying for this program is fast approaching. Apply now, before the program is no longer accepting applications.

While this program was initially designed to help low-income renters, it was recently shut down without warning. Many Florida renters have reported that they haven’t received the funds promised by the state. As a result, many are facing eviction. One such resident, Natasha Miller, applied for the OUR Florida program and was approved for four months of assistance. The funds from the program never made it to her landlord. This can make the difference between being able to stay in a home or being evicted.

It has paid out more than $3.9 million in rent and utility assistance

During the first half of the year, Florida has distributed more than $3.9 million in rent and utility aid to low-income households and individuals. The money is a result of the federal government’s COVID-19 program, which provides emergency rental assistance to help low-income families make ends meet. According to the department, the program has helped more than 164,000 Florida households get by since May 2020. This funding has enabled the agency to hire 700 new employees to help more people find homes and utilities.

COVID-19 was created by the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021 to help families stay in their homes. The program helps low and moderate-income households afford housing. Florida is facing an affordability crisis as rent and inflation continue to rise faster than the national average. Despite this, single parents and low-income families like Amanda Adriani still find it difficult to meet their basic needs.

Rental assistance is an option for low-income families, but it has to be applied for and approved. This program is federally funded and is managed by the Department of Children and Families. It has paid out over $1 billion in rent and utility assistance since January 2021. To apply, fill out an application and submit it by May 12 at 10pm EST. You can also apply in person at a local branch. You can also mail your application if you are unable to make it in person.

As of May 10, the state has received more than $3.8 million in rent and utility assistance from the federal government, and the state is now processing applications. Housing and nonprofit organizations are working together to distribute the funds. Applicants are required to apply online.

It has obligated all available funding

The program has been a hit for Florida renters, but soon it will run out of money. The state has obligated all available funds, meaning it will no longer accept applications. The program has helped more than 228,000 families get past-due rent and utilities paid. In one year, more than $1.3 billion has been distributed to Floridians. Renters who qualify should still be able to receive payments, but only after they have been approved.

Our Florida is a program of the Department of Children and Families, and it is funded by the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program. If you have questions about the program, a good place to start is the Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also contact the local continuum of care if you need assistance.

It will no longer accept new applications

The Department of Children and Family Services announced on May 10 that the OUR Florida program would no longer accept new applications. They gave a few more days for people to apply, but they expect that all of the available funds will have been committed by May 27. Taylor said she was shocked to hear the news. She and her family were struggling to make ends meet and she had just applied for rental assistance from OUR Florida. Since it launched in 2010, the program has helped more than 228,000 families and distributed more than $1 billion in rental assistance.

OUR Florida is a federally funded program that helps Florida renters make their monthly payments. It has distributed over $1 billion in rental assistance and other benefits to nearly 228,000 families. But the program is quickly running out of money. There are only a few more days left for people to apply, so you must act quickly.

It will no longer be able to provide assistance after May 27

OUR Florida has been a lifeline for many people who are struggling to make ends meet and are in danger of losing their homes. However, the program will not be available after May 27, putting many families in a position of need. During the pandemic, the state launched the program using federal money to provide rental assistance to low-income families. Kiasha Taylor, a single mom of three from Daytona Beach, applied for rental assistance during the pandemic and was approved in February. Then, after she fell behind with the money, she lost her apartment.

The government-funded program has reached its capacity. Our Florida had been providing temporary relief for residents in need of assistance to pay past-due rent or utilities, but due to funding cuts, the program will no longer provide assistance after May 27. The end of the program means that these families can focus on getting back on their feet instead of worrying about how they’ll pay their rent or utilities.

Although OUR Florida will not be able to provide assistance after May 27, the state expects to have exhausted all available funding for the program. However, those who have already applied for relief will continue to receive assistance. Applicants must have a low income, be unemployed, and be behind on rent or utilities.

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