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The P&N Bank is a division of Police and Nurses Limited, an Australian-owned and managed mutual bank. It offers a range of retail banking services, lending products, and insurance services. Read on to discover more about the bank. You can learn about their mission and vision. To learn more, visit Here are some of their top products. They are an ideal option for those who need to save money, get better service, and gain a more comprehensive financial experience.

Kofax TotalAgility

After evaluating several robotic process automation solutions, P&N selected Kofax TotalAgility for P& N Bank. This solution automates and structures the company’s primary business processes. The P&N Bank team aims to use Kofax TotalAgility to increase the speed of transaction processing by automating routine tasks. Here are some of the key advantages of Kofax TotalAgility.

The Kofax TotalAgility platform offers a combination of flexible content management and comprehensive business process automation. The platform connects many systems and provides customer-facing functionality. Kofax TotalAgility includes the Kofax Capture and Kofax KTM, which are also bundled in one product. These solutions are both very versatile. But, while Kofax TotalAgility offers a wide range of features, the P&N Bank edition comes with additional options, such as workflow automation, document management, and content archiving.

Kofax TotalAgility for P& N Bank automates key customer interactions and processes such as onboarding and loans. The solution integrates data sources and streamlines back-end processes, while eliminating manual labor. Moreover, Kofax RPA technology provides custom branding options. With Kofax TotalAgility, P&N Bank employees can focus on customer service and drive revenue. This modern omnichannel solution reduces paper costs and improves customer experience and satisfaction.

Kofax Kapow

A customer-owned bank in Western Australia, P&N Bank sought to boost service levels and operational efficiency through robotic process automation and work management. The problem was the bank was unable to see how many customer service requests were being processed each day. The bank decided to partner with Kofax and Process Automation Group to implement robotic process automation and work management to transform its back-office operations. The implementation saved the bank thousands of person-hours each year and supports smooth customer service.

Today’s digital banking experience requires complex transformations that include an agile front-end, capturing customer interactions, and linking them to back-end architecture. The benefits include a unified digital transformation platform that streamlines customer journeys and improves loyalty. Kofax is making headway in this market by enabling organizations to use robotic process automation for customer account opening, loan application, bill payment, and deposit cheques.

The bank evaluated a variety of RPA software products before selecting Kapow. The flexibility of the license model and centralized server deployment were two of the most significant drivers of its biggest Kofax investment to date. The bank also saw the potential for TotalAgility to leverage its automation capabilities. The bank’s success with Kapow is a testimony to the effectiveness of Kofax RPA. The bank is thrilled with the results.

SAP Litmos

With the adoption of SAP Litmos, P&N Bank has increased staff engagement and gained efficiencies. With the ability to view compliance completion rates in real-time and generate accurate reports, system administrators have greatly reduced the administrative burden. The intuitive user interface and targeted learning paths make training quick and easy. SAP Litmos also offers a variety of tools that enable system administrators to manage training and create different training paths for different roles.

The system facilitates collaboration between customers and employees, and creates Aha! profiles for each one. Customer feedback is reviewed and used to improve the product. As a result, it aligns with P&N Bank’s core value of “improve and learn”.

SAP Litmos is an online training and development solution. It integrates with Salesforce, delivering continuous training to various constituent groups. P&N Bank staff are satisfied with its service and have a strong appetite for professional development. Employees are regularly visiting the SAP Litmos Training Content library. With a 14-day free trial, you can try it out for yourself without any risk. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to the service for free.

Ramco Systems

P&N Bank has selected Ramco Systems for the deployment of HR and Payroll software. This deal represents Ramco’s first win in the Australian banking industry. It also marks the company’s establishment of a centre of excellence in Melbourne, Australia. The software will help P&N Bank with core HR, global payroll, time and attendance, talent management, recruitment, analytics, and self-service. P&N’s new software will also allow employees to perform HR processes and tasks in an automated manner.

The company is a global enterprise software provider with products and services in aviation, HR and payroll. It also offers enterprise asset management, human resources management, and other business applications. It has offices in 28 cities across 35 countries. Its latest products include cloud-based, mobile ERP, voice-ready ERP, and aviation solutions. Founded in 1982, Ramco Systems is one of the leading enterprise software companies in the world.

P&N Bank will deploy Ramco HCM to automate its HR processes. The software is fully integrated with P&N’s legacy application and integrates with Global Payroll and Single Touch Payroll, which are required for any organization with 20 or more employees. The software is also designed to meet the needs of P&N Bank’s payroll process, including reporting of superannuation and tax. A new version of the software will enable P&N to integrate payroll and HR data in a seamless way, eliminating the need for manual reporting.

Customer service excellence

Customer service excellence is critical to a successful business and at P&N Bank, it’s not just a goal. It’s the foundation for a sustainable culture of excellence. The bank’s culture is based on four core principles, including the following:

First, it must be accessible. The bank’s online training platform, SAP Litmos, is accessible anywhere and everywhere for its employees. Its single sign-on technology forms a key component of its omnipresent learning ecosystem. Further, P&N Bank plans to launch an online learning app for mobile devices so that staff can log on to training in their free time. That way, they can improve customer service performance while on the go.

In addition to being the largest bank

In addition to being the largest bank in Western Australia, P&N Bank is one of the most customer-owned financial institutions. The bank has won the Roy Morgan Bank of the Month Award for two years running. The Roy Morgan survey polls more than 23,000 Australians each year, making it one of the most comprehensive ongoing customer satisfaction surveys in the world. P&N Bank’s customer service excellence is also an important part of the company’s brand and reputation.

As one of the fastest-growing banks in Australia, P&N Bank was keen to differentiate itself from the big four and other customer-owned banks. In order to differentiate itself, the bank recognized brand differences and made the decision to invest in its people and leadership capabilities. The bank now employs 350 people throughout Western Australia, and has 15 branches. Its extensive range of financial services includes all three digital wallets. Its customer service excellence is reflected in its exemplary service.

Robotics center of excellence

The P&N Bank Robotics center of expertise is a collaborative, enterprise-wide approach to robot automation, leveraging Kofax Kapow technology. To date, P&N has configured 11 Kapow robots and deployed several desktop automation robots to perform attended tasks alongside business users. The robotics team has achieved significant efficiency gains and improved service levels. The center of excellence has a goal of automating 90 percent of manual data-driven processes within the bank.

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