r/196 is a subreddit on Reddit that was created after r/195 closed. It is popular for being leftist, supporting transgender people, and sharing “femboy” memes. It even has its own mascots! Here are some things you need to know about r/196. Also, why is it cloned? Read on to find out!

Subreddit clone of r/195

A subreddit clone of a subreddit is a perfect example of a resemblance. The clone, r/196, grew in popularity after r/195 closed. The clones are known for their progressive stance, support for transgender people, “femboy” memes, and mascots.

Subreddit is a clone of r/195

While the original r/195 subreddit was closed, a clone popped up, r/196, and is now one of the most popular sites on Reddit. This clone is mostly a leftist, anti-sexist subreddit, and focuses on sharing “femboy” memes and mascots.

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