Have you ever wondered who is behind Boris Reitschuster? If so, you are not alone! The German journalist and author has become a popular commentator on Russian-German affairs. Reitschuster is a frequent commentator on contemporary Russia. However, his latest Twitter activity reflects a broader concern. While some may celebrate the arrest of demonstrators for exercising their right to free assembly, he points out that the media is cheering for the opposite. reitschuster twitter

Boris Reitschuster is an expert on Eastern Europe

Boris Reitschuster is a non-fiction author and journalist from Germany. He has written several books on present-day Russia. In addition to being an author, he also headed the Moscow office of the German non-profit Focus. His book, “The Hidden War: The Russian Secret Service in Europe,” will be released on April 15. His new book exposes the activities of Russian military units in Western Europe. He draws on interviews with Western intelligence sources to provide readers with the full picture of what the Russians are doing.

While the notion that Russia attacked Eastern Ukraine is widespread in Germany, the reality is more complicated. Many people believe that the Kremlin has used the old agent network to further its specific foreign policy goals. In many ways, this strategy serves to set the tone for discussion about Russia and Eastern Europe. Many of these agents are not neutral, however, and are pursuing different purposes. For instance, the Kremlin’s secret agents may be trying to influence public opinion about Russia.

Boris Reitschuster is an author

German journalist and expert on contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe, Boris Reitschuster has written several books on the subject. He was the Moscow bureau chief of the German weekly FOCUS from 1999 until August 2015, when he moved to Berlin. Reitschuster is a frequent contributor to major newspapers and magazines. His work on contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe has received high praise from critics and scholars alike. For many years, Reitschuster was a resident of Moscow. reitschuster twitter

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is a legendary enemy of the United States and the West. But General Ivashov, who led Russia’s invasion of Georgia, resigned just days before the offensive. Now, many oligarchs are scared. They need their villas in Nice and Switzerland, their shopping weekends in London, and their children to study in the United States. It seems as if we have reached a turning point in the Cold War.

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