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Samuel George Lewis is an English singer-songwriter, record producer, and musician. He has worked with a variety of artists such as Aluna, Victoria Monet, Gerd Janson, and Raye. Read on to learn more about his musical career. We’ll also touch on his collaborations with LANY, Frances Major, and Raye. Below we’ll discuss his most famous collaborations and tracks.

SG Lewis is an electronic music producer

Known as a multi-hyphenate artist, SG Lewis is an electronic music producer from Reading, England. He has influenced artists such as James Blake and Bon Iver and is well-known for his ethereal, catchy sound. His debut album is split into three distinct phases and is based on a night out. His work has been featured by a variety of artists, including Clairo, Aluna George, and Col3trane.

In addition to creating his own music, SG Lewis also produces other artists’ music. His latest single, “Chemicals,” is a collaborative effort between Lewis and members of the Neptunes. The song features SG Lewis’ vocals and uses a synthesized beat with a pulsey bass. His music has been described as sounding like the soft hues of red light. While his debut EP is arguably his best work yet, there are still many more tracks to come from Lewis.

EPs since his debut in 2015

SG Lewis has released a trio of EPs since his debut in 2015. His two previous EPs, Dusk and Dark, were a three-part journey that combined electronic music and late night club culture. Now, he returns with an album of original tracks that is just as personal as the previous two. It’s a definite must-listen to if you’re into house and club music.

SG Lewis’ ‘times’ album is set for release on June 25 in the UK. In addition to his debut album, SG Lewis will also be performing two b2b DJ sets with some of his pals. He is renowned for his ability to take a listen to the music and create an environment conducive to a party. There is also a new tour in the works. However, despite its lack of release date, SG Lewis continues to impress fans with his new music.

He has collaborated with Aluna

Producer, DJ and artist SG Lewis is back with two brand new singles: the nocturnal floorfiller ‘Missing You’ and the italo-influenced anthem ‘Something About Your Love’. Both singles have already received more than 12 million streams on Spotify. Both have also teamed up with Aluna to support the World Health Organisation Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

As a producer and songwriter, Lewis has worked with a diverse list of artists, including Robyn, Aluna, Victoria Monet, and Aluna. Robyn was featured on Lewis’ debut single ‘Times’. Other collaborators include Rhye, Lucky Daye, and disco legend Nile Rodgers. The result is an album that has cemented Lewis’ status as an important force in the ongoing disco revival.

Warrior,’ their second single

SG Lewis has collaborated with Aluna on ‘Warrior,’ their second single off of their self-titled debut album. Both artists’ style are clearly influenced by their respective genres, as SG Lewis’ production provides the perfect backbone for Aluna’s vocals. This collaboration has proven to be a success, and fans are eagerly anticipating the next release.

In the meantime, SG Lewis has collaborated with Aluna on ‘Hurting’, the first single from his forthcoming album. “Hurting” is the first single from ‘Dark’, which is the second phase of Lewis’ concept album, Dusk, Dark, Dawn. The album’s three components all revolve around the idea of darkness and light, and the sultry voice of Aluna George lends itself perfectly to the track.

SG Lewis has collaborated with Aluna on ‘Warrior,’ an ear-catching track featuring the singer. The track has been released on Mad Decent, and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and other music services. A video is also available on the website. The video shows the singer performing on stage in an explosive performance. The song has received widespread attention and praise, and a lot of people have commented on its unique style.

He has worked with Victoria Monet

Sg Lewis has recently collaborated with Victoria Monet on a track called ‘Experience.’ The new track is the third single from Monet’s upcoming album Jaguar, which is due out July 31. Khalid also appeared on the track. Stream the track below. It’s definitely a fun tune to listen to. Khalid and Victoria Monet have a great chemistry and their vocals are a match made in heaven.

Sg Lewis is well known in the fashion industry and has collaborated with a variety of artists. His remix of Soulwax’s ‘Impact’ was recently used to launch Louis Vuitton’s pre-fall campaign. He’s also known in the music industry, having produced Dave’s seminal breakout track, ‘100’M’s. And he’s also co-written ‘Halluciinate’ for dua Lipa.

modern pop producer based in London

SG Lewis is a modern pop producer based in London. He’s worked with Dua Lipa, LANY, G-Eazy, and Victoria Monet. His new single, ‘One More,’ is a wall of energy. The song opens with the singer’s catchy chorus, which is reminiscent of the disco guitar of Nile Rodgers. It has a trance-inducing mix of synths, piano, strings, and Nile Rodgers’ disco guitar.

SG Lewis is a British DJ and producer. He will be releasing a new album titled times on February 19 in 2021. The album will include his new song ‘Feed The Fire’ featuring Grammy-nominee Lucky Daye. It will also include SG Lewis’s 2020 singles ‘Chemicals’ and ‘Impact’ with Robyn and Channel Tres.

He has worked with Gerd Janson

If you’re a fan of electronic music, you’ve probably heard of the legendary German techno DJ. His eclectic style has won over audiences worldwide, and his records often incorporate elements of techno and UK funky, as well as synth pop and industrial. Sg Lewis has collaborated with Janson on several projects, including the critically acclaimed “Killapop” EP.

The UK-born producer and DJ has collaborated with many artists, including Elton John, Dua Lipa, Clairo, Conducta, and Raye. He was also the producer of the critically acclaimed ‘100’M’s’ album.

SG Lewis released the single

In 2009, SG Lewis released the single “Throwaway”, a collaboration with the American singer Clairo. The song is part of a trilogy titled Dusk, Dark, and Dawn. The first part incorporated smooth electro and disco elements into a dance floor hit. The second part of the trilogy delved deeper into the darker side of electronic music, while Dawn captures the spirit of a sunrise and the joy of being together.

SG Lewis has collaborated with many artists on his debut album. He has collaborated with Robyn on the track ‘Chemicals’, as well as with the Dutch singer Channel Tres and a songwriter called Master Peace. The track has already received Annie Mac on Radio 1 and has garnered over three million streams. His debut album, ‘Times’, is due out on February 19 in the US. The album will take listeners on a journey through electronic dance music, incorporating many collaborations with friends.

He has worked with Conducta

SG Lewis is a UK producer, best known for his signature ethereal melodies and eclectic mix of r&b and electronica. He began making music in his bedroom before attending university to study sound engineering. Currently, SG Lewis is working on his debut album and has announced a handful of dates for his Live Experience tour. We spoke with the artist ahead of time to find out what to expect from the live event.

The producer/songwriter SG Lewis is no stranger to collaborations with other artists. His latest track ‘Blue’ has reached No. 3 on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay Chart, and his recent Coachella performance has earned him a prime spot on the bill. SG Lewis has been a huge draw ever since his first single, ‘Dark,’ came out in November. It featured artists such as T.E.E.D. and Drew Love of THEY. And his latest collaboration with Conducta includes a number of vocalists and musicians.

SG Lewis has teamed

SG Lewis has teamed up with Canadian producers Conducta to release a new album. The album is slated to come out in September. The multi-instrumentalist is currently on tour throughout North America, making stops at festivals as well as on a headlining tour. Dawn, the first album from SG Lewis’ latest album, is part of a trilogy. The album’s first part focused on disco, while the second part focuses on west coast hip-hop and eighties electro.

SG Lewis is a multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated with Elton John, Dua Lipa, Clairo, and Tove Lo. In addition to being a multi-instrumentalist, SG Lewis is also a producer and songwriter. His latest single is ‘Chemicals,’ which he co-wrote and produced himself.

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