Shrek is an animated movie with memorable characters. This Shrek characters list includes the names of each character and their pictures, when available. The list is ordered by their importance in the movie. It also includes notable characters and the names of the actors and actresses who portrayed them. If you want to know more about each character, check out the character bios.

Kitty is a female bartender in Shrek 2

Kitty is the second female character in the Shrek franchise. She appears in both films. She is a young bartender, and appears to have a crush on Prince Charming. As a bartender, she helps Shrek and his friends. She is also a close friend of Fiona.

The movie’s first female character was Suzy, a gingerbread girl who appears in the third installment. She later appears in Shrek the Halls and Shrek the Third. Although she does not have spoken lines, she plays a key role in the story.

Doris first appears in Shrek 2, but she also makes a cameo in Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After. She is based on Cinderella’s step-sisters. She is friendly with Fiona and King Harold, and she has a crush on Prince Charming.

Kitty uses her charm to her advantage. She helps Puss out by posing as his friend. Eventually, she falls in love with him and helps him. This new addition to the Shrek franchise is a welcome change for fans of the original film. Kitty also serves as a strong female role model.

Doris is a female bartender in Shrek 3

Doris is a female bartender who first appears in Shrek 2 and returns in Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After. She is based on one of the stepsisters of Cinderella, and is Fiona’s best friend. In the film, Doris appears as a sexy and unconventional female bartender at the Poison Apple. She is depicted as a tall, independent woman wearing purple themed clothing and Elizabeth Taylor style makeup. Her character design is meant to evoke drag queen status, and her voice helps to support this idea.

The film’s first appearance of Doris draws mixed reactions. While some movie-goers welcomed her appearance, others felt she was an attack on Disney’s fairytale-style animation films. In addition, some conservative parents felt that the character was a way to open the discussion about inclusion. Though Doris is originally depicted as a villain, in later cameos, she is shown to have a more sympathetic side.

Doris is Shrek’s first female co-worker in Shrek Forever After. The pigs are an important part of the story, as they help Shrek search for an heir to Shrek’s throne. They also help Shrek find Queen Lillian and Fiona escape the castle. Doris is one of the few women who is actually portrayed in a Shrek film.

Mabel is a female ogre in Shrek Forever After

While the film has a shaky plot and plenty of baggage, it manages to make up for these shortcomings with a strong emotional core. Although it is not as clever as the first Shrek film, it does have some witty moments. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll likely love this new addition to the franchise.

She appears as a chef in the Ogre Resistance. Her main weapon against the witches and Rumpelstiltskin is food. In the movie, she carries a cart full of chimichangas to ambush Rumpelstiltskin. She is easy to spot because she has a beard and chef hat. She also has a talent for singing, and uses it to charm the animals.

Another female ogre in Shrek Forver After is Mabel. She’s a part-ogre during the day but turns back into an ogre during the night. She is the fiancĂ©e of Princess Charming.

Although Shrek has lost Fiona’s love, she still needs to woo her once more. She doesn’t have to offer much in return. Rumpelstiltskin is a deceptive charmer. When he hears Shrek’s tale of woe, he offers her a chance to rediscover ogre values in 24 hours.

King Harold is an ogre in Shrek the Third

In Shrek the Third, King Harold is an ogre who is very powerful and ruthless. He has the uncanny ability to control people. This is the main reason why he is such a terrifying opponent. But luckily, King Harold has some good qualities, too. If you’re going to watch the film, you should definitely check out his character traits.

The character has various facets. One notable trait is that he can talk. This makes him appear to be part of a race of talking frogs, as evidenced by his appearance at the Poison Apple. The frog choir also sings Live and Let Die.

Another characteristic of King Harold is that he is extremely stubborn and resistant to change. Despite his inflexibility, he is also a loving father. He is the most popular character in Shrek the Third. In the first film, he was an antagonist, but he makes an appearance in the second film.

Another notable character in Shrek the Third is Brogan, an ogre who uses his nose as a horn. He has short ginger hair and an unshaven face. He is nice and charming, but he is the strongest of the ogres. In Shrek the Third, he is the one who saves Fiona from the castle and saves the princess.

Dragon is a character in Shrek

The Dragon is a major character in the Shrek universe. He appears in several Shrek films including Shrek the Halls, Shrek Forever After, and Scared Shrekless. He is a giant magenta-red dragon that can reach lengths of 30 meters and 100 feet.

The dragon has enormous physical strength and can overpower Shrek. The dragon first appears while guarding Princess Fiona’s prison. Despite Shrek’s efforts, the dragon easily defeats him. The dragon’s tail is so strong that it can crush stone structures. The dragon also uses its tail to catapult Shrek onto a tower where Fiona is imprisoned.

The Dragon is featured in a variety of collectibles and toys. The first Shrek film featured an action figure of the dragon, and the second movie added a battery-operated flying version of the dragon. Various video games also feature the Dragon. The first Shrek video game introduced the Dragon as a boss. Other titles in the series included Shrek Crash Racing, Shrek Smash, and Donkey’s go-kart.

The Dragon’s voice is provided by Christopher Knights. He is Shrek’s best friend, and he likes to sing. He is also the father of the Dronkeys.

Donkey is a character in Shrek 2

Donkey is a computer-animated sidekick in the Shrek movies. He is known for his hyperactive demeanor, idle chatter, and obsession with waffles. His friendship with Shrek is reminiscent of classic comedy duos. Although the two are different animals, their chemistry reflects their polar opposite personalities.

After Shrek and Fiona finally get together, Donkey notices their romance. However, after the sun sets, Fiona turns into an ogre. This causes Shrek to misunderstand Fiona’s words and is captured by Lord Farquaad.

The character of Donkey has a few cameos in the movies. In the first film, he appears as an antagonist, but later joins Shrek’s side. He is gigantic and has wings. In the second film, his sarcastic remarks become more witty. Donkey is also the subject of the Donkey Live! attraction at Universal Studios Singapore. This attraction combines digital puppetry and live actor.

The film also features many references to movies that Donkey has seen. Donkey’s appearance in Shrek 2 is reminiscent of the popular Broadway musical Annie. It also features a gag that refers to a movie that was released in 1979: “Puss in Boots” parodying the science fiction film “Alien”. In another episode, Donkey sings “Tomorrow” from Broadway hit Annie.

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