The xControl control unit features a colour display and an industry-standard plastic foil keyboard. The keyboard is easy to use and the colour display is intuitive. It also has a large LCD screen so you can see the temperature and the drying time. The xControl control unit is compatible with most major brands of hair dryers. speeddry.

xControl control unit with colour display and industry-standard plastic foil keyboard

The xControl control unit has an industry-standard plastic foil keyboard and a colour display, providing an intuitive multilingual user interface. It also offers adjustable timers with a countdown function. It can be set to activate a defined drying cycle. It also includes an input for an external timer.

Control unit with colour display

The Speeddry control unit with colour display offers intuitive functionality and contemporary design. Its hot air guide ensures quick and gentle drying. It also offers ionization technology for removing odors. It has an easy-to-use multilingual user interface. Its timers are adjustable and include a countdown function. You can also set a preset drying cycle and activate it with an external input.

This new development includes a Bluetooth interface for connecting to mobile phone apps such as Strava and Komoot. Routes can be saved in the Control Unit and transferred to the user’s mobile device. The side colour display shows the direction of the next turn. Moreover, the control unit displays the distance to the next change of direction.

The Speeddry control unit with colour display is small and mounted on the left side of the handlebar. Its display area measures 4.5 centimetres diagonally. It is designed to work in harmony with the Panasonic GX motors. It is not compatible with earlier models. It is a very good choice if you are looking for a simple, compact control unit.

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