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A 59-year-old activist has gone viral with his controversial tweet on Twitter. The tweet, which compared current times with 1933 when Germany was still a dictatorship, has 8000 followers and over 283 thousand views on YouTube. The controversial comment has caused disapproval from the Leibniz University in Hannover, who disavowed the tweet. Regardless of how the comment is received by others, it is clear that it’s a serious psyche and immune system problem. stefan homburg twitter

Virus is gone

German professor Stefan Homburg has been branded a hero for his controversial anti-lockdown views. He booted a group of students from an online class and became a darling of the anti-lockdown movement. Yet his anti-lockdown views are shared by a very small minority of Germans. And his words have been widely misconstrued. The virus is now gone, but will it ever come back?

Professor Stefan Homburg is an economics professor who makes his views known through tweets. He has a large following on Twitter, with almost 8000 followers. He has also made himself a frequent guest on talk shows. His controversial tweet about the Covid-19 pandemic has been viewed over two hundred and thirty thousand times on Youtube. Homburg claims to have used a variety of sources and interpreted data to prove his points. In the tweets, he has even threatened to block users and make money for those who criticize him.

The viral nature of the Twitter posts has led to a debate among okonoms, financial experts, and social scientists. Many of these participants included Stefan Homburg. The latter was at Hygienedemo in Stuttgart, and he was asked a question by a participant. Dullien made it a member of the E-Mail list and has since posted a response. It is not known whether Homburg is the author of the tweets, but he is clearly an observer of the situation and draws solid conclusions. stefan homburg twitter

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