You may have heard about the opening of a new Toys ‘R’ Us store in New Jersey, but did you know that it is expanding across Canada, too? If so, this is good news for Winnipeg residents. In this article, we’ll discuss the company’s plans for growth in Canada and the new Winnipeg store. Despite a disappointing financial year, Toys ‘R’ Us has plans to keep its customers happy and coming back.

Toys ‘R’ Us is opening a new store in New Jersey

If you’ve been looking for a place to buy your children’s toys and games, you may have found the perfect spot. Toys ‘R’ Us is a popular chain retailer that specializes in brand name toys, games, electronics, and gear. With more than a thousand locations nationwide, the company has a long history of satisfying its customers.

The flagship store will be located at American Dream, a mall in Bergen County. The new location will look similar to the old stores, complete with Geoffrey the Giraffe and Geoffrey’s Cafe. Other features of the new store include an ice cream parlor and a two-story slide. Toys ‘R’ Us is a global brand operated by WHP Global, the parent company of Tru Kids and Joe’s Jeans.

Despite the recent closure of two stores in New Jersey, the company is continuing to expand its presence in the state. The new store is expected to be 20,000 square feet and will feature Geoffrey the giraffe, an ice cream parlor, a multi-level slide, and plenty of toys for kids to play with. In addition to the new store, a Toys ‘R’ Us restaurant will be located in the store, making it a destination for families with children.

The American Dream mall has faced a number of delays and will open in phases between October 2019 and October 2020. A Starbucks is expected to open next year, and the ski lift is slated to reopen in 2022. Toys ‘R’ Us will open in the American Dream mall’s corridor, which is already lined with eclectic offerings. Among these eclectic offerings is the Beef Jerky Experience, a shop that advertises “Now Hiring” and a sign stating, “Click Here to Apply!”

It is expanding in Canada

The Canadian Toys “R” Us chain will be expanding into two new locations in the first half of 2020. The new stores will be smaller than the typical big-box format. Winnipeg’s Toys R Us is a nine-hundred-square-metre store. Until now, the Canadian chain has only operated one outlet in Canada, and that location has been under-utilized and is now closed.

In order to survive and keep up with the ever-growing popularity of toy stores, the Canadian branch of Toys ‘R’ Us has successfully merged its store-based and digital operations. While traditional box stores have offered cheap merchandise and low-quality service, modern stores have diversified into new business models that offer high-quality service and entertainment to encourage consumers to visit their locations. One example of a new strategy is a “Make and Take” program at some stores. This program enables children to assemble toys and then take them home free of charge.

Toys ‘R’ Us has expanded into the book category. While the toy category at Toys R Us Canada is still mostly dominated by baby products, the company has recently expanded into the book market. There are 80 Toys R Us bookstores across Canada and an expanding online library. Toys ‘R’ Us also partners with Scholastic Inc. to offer their customers a curated selection of books.

It is opening a new store in Winnipeg

In Canada, the toy market is booming. It is worth about $1.7 billion in 2014, and rose by 3 per cent last year. Many global toy companies are eager to keep Toys ‘R Us Canada in business. They negotiate discounts that reflect the retailer’s position in the market and they value having their brands in their stores. Earlier this year, a Toronto-based toy company purchased the company’s assets for $300 million.

Canadian Toys ‘R’ Us stores have grown to be more than $1 billion in annual sales. In the past nine years, Canadian stores have consistently earned $100 million annually. However, in the past few years, the company’s parent company, headquartered in the U.S., filed for Chapter 11. The company shared a credit facility with the U.S. parent company and was unable to compete with that.

The company’s Winnipeg store will be the brand’s fourth Canadian location. The new location will be a flagship location, which means it will be a three-million-square-foot indoor theme park, complete with 35 rides and a water park. The company’s expansion plans in Canada include a second location in Toronto. The company expects to open the new store by October 2020.

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