Unexpected returns tonight at 10pm on TLC, following the lives of three teenage couples as they deal with their unexpected pregnancies. The show focuses on the early stages of pregnancy and the hectic first few weeks of parenthood. It highlights the heightened family tension and increasingly complicated relationships as the parents are faced with a lot more responsibility than they initially expected. unexpected season 5

Lilly Bennett

If you’re looking for a new boyfriend, you can look no further than Lilly Bennett on Unexpected. She’s expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend Lawrence, and she’s been in a relationship with him for five years. The couple has been arguing over the baby’s name and whether or not to have the baby circumcised. Fans have reacted to both of Lilly’s new manliness and their growing closeness.

As a first-time mother, Lilly had been having trouble getting her boyfriend to support her new life as a mom. Eventually, she began dating Lawrence, but was pregnant again two years later. This time, Lawrence proposed to Lilly before the baby was even born. After the birth, Lilly and Lawrence moved into an apartment, where Lilly was not used to living alone.

The couple’s relationship remained rocky through the first season of Unexpected. However, the couples’ relationship has continued to improve, and Lilly’s new relationship with Lawrence seems stable. Lilly and Lawrence are now expecting their second child, and the couple is happy together. However, there is still a chance James will make an appearance in Lilly’s life.

Jenna Ronan

Jenna Ronan, star of Unexpected Season 5, is glowing in the Season 5 tell-all. Since breaking up with boyfriend Aden Albright, she has been in a happy place. She looks gorgeous as she walks down the aisle with her mother Heather Barr. Her life has taken a turn for the better after she underwent plastic surgery.

While her appearance on the show was not completely surprising, Jenna Ronan’s parents were an unexpected addition to the show. Her father, Matt Ronan, was a Marine and was born in Okinawa, Japan. He is also an outspoken political figure with a “3 percenter” tattoo on his arm.

Previously, Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson co-parented their daughter Layla. This is a big step for both women. The exes’ love lives are still in the process of healing, but both women are embracing their new role as parents. Thankfully, the new season will feature Jenna Ronan.

Despite the fact that Aden and Jenna’s relationship has been rocky in recent years, they have put in a lot of effort to make it work. Fans have speculated as to what the future holds for the young parents.

Tyra Boisseau

Tyra Boisseau will make her return on Unexpected season five. This time around, she will be joined by Lilly Bennett, Jenna Ronan, and Kylen. Tyra’s family will also be back, including her sister, Tiarra, and her cousin, Taylor. They have two children, Taylor and Kylen.

The episode will focus on the growing relationship between Tyra and Alex and their children. Their parents are supportive, but their relationship is strained, as Alex cannot say no to Jenna. Meanwhile, Tyra recently enrolled in college. She’ll be the first in her five generations to go to college, and her new distance with Alex will strain their relationship. Meanwhile, viewers will also meet new characters, including Lily and Lawrence.

While fans can’t wait to see how things unfold, they are excited about the new additions to the cast of Unexpected. Lilly Bennett and Tyra Boisseau are both very active on social media, and fans are eager to meet the new cast members. In addition to Tyra and Taylor, we’ll also see Taylor Williams, Tyra’s cousin. In addition to Tyarra, Taylor is also pregnant and will be a part of the show.

Tyra’s cousin, Tiarra, will make her debut on Season 5. She was previously pregnant with her first child, but was excited to have a second child with her cousin Taylor. The two were close in age and their pregnancy was revealed in Season 5. They were also in a competitive battle over the copycat nursery.


Emersyn Potter is a pregnant woman in Unexpected season five, but there’s still no information about her boyfriend. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia web page. This will likely be revealed during the series. Her relationship with Mason Ramirez will also be revealed, but the character’s private life hasn’t been detailed yet.

Emersyn is an 18-year-old from Washington who is pregnant and trying to balance the constraints of her mother and her boyfriend Mason Ramirez. She gave birth to her first child in June and is dealing with the strict rules of her mother and her boyfriend Mason Ramiez.

Emersyn was recruited to be on the show just for fun, as she met Mason online. Despite the fact that she’s still in love with Mason, she seemed shy during the tell-all. She also said that she’s a bit of an introvert, but she has opinions.

Unexpected Season 5 Episode 5 follows up on the storylines of previous episodes. The doctor has discussed the use of iron supplements for women. In addition to these, Tiarra has also had her labs scrutinized. Meanwhile, Emersyn and Mason signed up for childbirth lessons. While Mason is amazed by the size of newborns, Emersyn isn’t sure she’s ready for childbirth.


Xavier and unexpected season 5 premieres Sunday, March 6, on TLC. This drama revolves around the lives of a family living in the same city as a teen. In this season, the parents are dealing with the restrictions of their new baby and the new man in their lives, Mason Ramirez. Despite the pressure of his job, the two try to balance their relationship and their growing family.

The latest episode of Xavier and Unexpected surprised viewers by revealing that Kylen gave birth to her baby boy Xavier, who was born after five hours of labor. Unfortunately, Jason was not involved in the episode. Instead, Jenna was the main focus, reconciling with her family and considering leaving her boyfriend Aden.

In Season 5 of Xavier and Unexpected, the three moms are back with their children. The third mom, Jenna, comes from a broken home. Her high school boyfriend, Aden, lied about how women can get pregnant and he got her pregnant when she was only sixteen. In Season 5, Kylen returns to the show as pregnant newcomer Kylen Smith, and the new family dynamic she faces while preparing for the arrival of her son Xavier.

Xavier’s epidural

The new episode of Unexpected surprised fans by featuring a birth story in which Kylen gave birth to her son Xavier after being in labor for five hours. However, the couple was not the focus of the episode, instead, the focus was on Jenna, who reconciled with her family and contemplated leaving her partner Aden.

Kylen had requested an epidural for her son’s birth, and Jason became angry when she told him that she wanted it. They started arguing, calling each other names and calling the anesthesiologist a “geneatologist.” Jason was then arrested, preventing Kylen from giving birth.

Jason Korpi and Kylen McLaughlin started dating in July 2020, and they became intimate on their third date. They held a gender reveal party in May 2021, and welcomed their son Xavier a few months later. However, the couple did not have a smooth road ahead of them as there were several allegations against Jason Korpi before filming Unexpected.

The latest episode of Unexpected is filled with plenty of important developments. The couple was planning to go out with the ladies and argued about the activities. Meanwhile, Noah tested positive for COVID.

Lilly’s relationship with a man on the show

After a rocky start to her relationship with Lawrence, Lilly’s relationship with Lawrence seems to be improving, but it isn’t as if things are perfect. The two are having trouble deciding on the name for the baby, and they disagree on how to circumcise the baby. It’s unclear whether Lilly and Lawrence will make a happy ending with their relationship.

The upcoming fifth season of Unexpected features two new pregnant teens and three returning moms. While the series has faced controversy in the past, Lilly Bennett has been a strong voice of support for the show’s producers. Earlier in the year, McKayla Adkins criticized the show’s producers, and Lilly herself defended the producers. In season five, Lilly will move in with her fiance Lawrence Bishop.

Lilly and Lawrence have two young children, and they are newly engaged. Their relationship will be tested as they move into their own apartment. The couple will have to learn to compromise and communicate with one another.

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